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Kingdom of Science Photo Journal (科学王国写真日記 Kagaku Ōkoku Shashin Nikki) is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Minami prepares to take the picture, while shedding tears that it may their last. Senku tells her that he is positive they'll solve the mystery of the petrification.

Minami cracks a smile, as she tells everyone to gather for a picture and laments that she isn't in it. However, Francois speaks up to say that in case of a situation, they created a camera time so Minami can be in it. The Kingdom are shocked by Francois' effectiveness.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • Ryusui's ship diagrams are complete.
  • The Kingdom of Science celebrates Valentine's Day.
  • The Kingdom of Science create a school.
  • Swimsuits are made.
  • On September 10, 5741, the Kingdom of Science's ship the Perseus is constructed.


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