Raise the Smoke Signal (狼煙をあげろ Noroshi o Agero) is the eighth chapter of the manga Dr. Stone.


At the earliest opportunity, Taiju finds the courage to stir Yuzuriha over the moment 3700 years ago. He explains that he only tells her what he wanted to say 3700 years ago when the world is saved. Yuzuriha declares herself in agreement and Taiju happily proposes to tell her everything that happened before her resurrection.

When trying to make gunpowder, they cause an explosion. Senku sees this as success. He explains that he will offer negotiations with Tsukasa, but if the negotiations break, he will have to kill Tsukasa.

Later, Yuzuriha detects a signal, a rising smoke in the distance. In desperation, Taiju asks what to do. React and take the risk of being found by Tsukasa or ignore and let the hope for more survivors die? Senku decides to react with his own signal, although it contradicts his "logical intuition".

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  • The right balance of the amount for the manufacture of gunpowder is according to Senku 75% of saltpetre, 10% of sulphur and 15% of charcoal. The last step is to hit and harden it.

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