Top-Secret Mission (極秘のミッション Gokuhi no Misshon) is the seventy-third chapters of the Dr. Stone manga


Chrome reunites with the Kingdom of Science after escaping from his holding cell in the Empire of Might

Chrome believes he had gotten the backup from Taiju's group as he used the battery he found some one had left next to him when he woke up to escape. Senku reacts to say that Taiju being a blockhead would 10 Billion Percent fail at doing something along those lines and that even Yuzuriha would't have been able to accopmlish that task either due to the secret mission Senku had given her prior to them splitting up

Regards to what Senku said, Chrome is pleased that he was able to escape from the prison cell. Kaseki is over joyed with the out come as his tank will no longer to be thrown out for Senku to immediately say "We will be driving this Tank head first into the "Cave of Miracles".

Senku and Gen then begin there task of becoming a imposter of Lillian Weinberg and playing her song to trick Tsukasas Army into switching to the Kingdom of Science or risk being destroyed by all of Americas "Rebuilt forces"

The plan goes of without a hitch fooling many people to the point they are shown cheering and crying in joy of hearing Lillians voice, until Ukyo hears the receiving phone call transmission and immediately knows what's going on.

Ukyo knowing it is a that the recording is a charade and someone imposing on Lillian he speaks in English to Senku and Gen that he has found there bluff and called them out on being imposters knowing full well Gen is behind the voice.

Gen and Senku panic in absolute surprise that Ukyo has found them out but even more confused and suspicious of Ukyo's sudden use of English to call them out quite suspicious for them to connect the dots that maybe Ukyo was the person to give Chrome the battery for his escape.

It is shown that Ukyo is not a ally but is certainly intrigued in there true plans on what they are doing in the Stone World compared to Tsukasas ideals as he has seen Senku's Top Secret Mission he had given Yuzuriha, Which was to glue all the broken statues that Tsukasa had broken in the hopes that the Purification Potion could bring them back to life without killing them.

Thus making Ukyo extremely intrigued in Senkus plans.

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