Stone Wars Begin (STONE (ストーン) WARS (ウォーズ) BEGINNING (ビギニング) Sutōn Wōzu Biginingu?) is the sixty-first chapter of Dr. Stone manga.


In Chapter 61, we see Gen continue to explain his scheme to Senku; to convert Tsukasa's army to the Kingdom of Science by using the cellphone. Chrome is eavesdropping into the conversation, and shortly joins them.

Gen's plan is to imitate Lillian's voice, so that they believe America has already re-built society, thus making them join Senku's side.

The three make the plan official by joining hands. They plan to deliver a cellphone to Taiju and Yuzuriha so that Lillian's voice can be heard by the army. However, Homura is in the way, scouting for Tsukasa's army.

Senku decides to use detonating gas as a distraction so that Chrome, Gen and Magma can deliver the cellphone successfully.

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