Angel's Song, Devil's Whisper (天女の歌と悪魔囁き Ten'nyo no Uta to Akuma Sasayaki?) is the sixtieth chapter of Dr. Stone manga.

Long Summary

Senku reveals that the disc he found near his father's gravestone is in fact an audio record. The record was created by Byakuya Ishigami thousands of years ago, with the help of his co-astronauts when they landed back into Earth.

In a flashback, Byakuya is seen to be cutting the base of a glass bottle, asking his friends if it could work and be used as a music record. Saying that she doesn't need it anymore, Lillian lends Byakuya her wedding ring in order to make the needle for the record.

Back in the present, Senku uses a bone needle to listen to the record. The record plays and Byakuya introduces himself from the past, addressing his son, Senku. Understanding that Senku might need help in obtaining comrades in Ishigami Village, he has Lillian sing. Everyone hearing her singing voice causes them to become amazed at how beautiful it is. Senku explains to everyone that in his world, this was the norm, and that he will restore civilisation back to life, raising everyone's morale through the roof.

Back in the Kingdom of Science's observatory, Gen starts to devise his plan with Senku to defeat Tsukasa's army with the use of the record and cellphones.


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