Taiju Vs. Tsukasa (大樹VS (バーサス) Taiju Bāsasu Tsukasa) is the sixth chapter of Dr. Stone manga.


Senku asks Taiju and Yuzuriha whether or not they will run or fight Tsukasa. They both agree to help even though Senku says running is the most logical option. Taiju is saying his reasoning that if Tsukasa really is killing it must be stopped, when Tsukasa interrupts him questioning if it really is killing and that its all a matter of perception.

Tsukasa then speaks of his ideology about how he is cleansing for the sake of the new world. As Tsukasa then approaches them Senku pulls out a previously prepared crossbow and thinks to himself about how he doesn't plan to hide his murder from the two of them. Upon seeing statue pieces fall out of Tsukasa's hand he tells Senku to protect Yuzuriha if anything happens and proclaims that he will stop Tsukasa. He lunged at Tsukasa as Senku then calls him and idiot and uses the crossbow thinking that he needs to stop this fight.

Tsukasa catches the crossbow bolt in midair, throws it into the ground then spins around and then kicks Taiju, Taiju blocks it with his hand. Tsukasa is surprised he is still standing because that is a first. He then asks Taiju why he did not attack when he had the option to. Taiju tells Tsukasa that he wont hit people and that he wont retaliate when attacked, and that in exchange for being able to hit him, Tsukasa should stop breaking statues.

Tsukasa is confused by this as there is no exchange. He then poses to Taiju, what would you do if I said "I'll kill Yuzuriha". Taiju races infront of Yuzuriha and she thinks to herself about how she is now a hostage, and remembers about Senku telling them to run.

Taiju passes out from the pain of that kick from Tsukasa before and then Senku mentions that he is going to have to sleep for a few days to recover. Tsukasa stops the quarrel and proclaims he will do what he must and that nothing will get in his way.

Senku then does then mentions that the crossbow fires at 200 km/h and that his ability to grab it makes him invincible in this era. With this Senku becomes determined to move civilization forward by creating man's greatest invention. At this Yuzuriha responds with the smart phone, but Senku quickly says no the gun and that their next goal is making gunpowder.

Senku then says they are jumping Civilization ahead 1,993,700 years as the stone age was 2 million years ago and gunpowder was invented in 700 CE. He then wakes Taiju up telling him they are going on an adventure to make gunpowder and he wakes up much to Yuzuriha's surprise. Senku then mentions that he knows Taiju wouldn't be as weak as that and Taiju affirms this.

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