The Treasure (THE () TREASURE (トレジャー) Za Torejā?) is the fifty sixth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


During Senku, Magma, and Chrome's exploration of the caves they come across a large skarn deposit. Senku tells the other two that the ore they are looking for is with in that deposit. Magma then swings his pick axe while screaming and sticks it into the large rock, stating how he could not bring himself to slaughter Senku. Chrome realizes that Magma nearly killed them, and asks Magma to punch him for looking down on him. Out of frustration Magma breaks the large deposits, and they obtain the ore they were looking for. The ore they were looking for was Tungsten; the most heat resistant rock.

After leaving the cave, Chrome states that the friendship the three of them have made while in the cave is far more valuable then the ore they have collected. Senku and Magma find his statement weird and call it gross. They also found mangnese, Chalcopyrite zinc blende, and a few other gems.

Magma remembers that Gen told him to return after 3 days, and Magma rushes the other two to return quickly. Magma then blind folds Senku, and begins to run while carrying him. After Senku removes his blind fold he is greeted by Gen. Gen and the rest of the villagers present to Senku a telescope they made for him for his birthday. Gen tells Senku how he remembered how to make a telescope from memory, and was able to finish it with the help of all the villagers. Senku shows his excitement and states how he can use this telescope to spy on Tsukasa's army. Gen tells Senku that he knows his birthday from seeing his stone carving of dates back when Senku was first un-petrified.

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