Flickering Blue Jewel (瞬きのブルージュエル Matataki no Burū Jueru?) is the fifty-forth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Chrome wants to go on expedition because he is Ten Billion Times better than Senku. page 5-6

Kaseki wants to make a Vacuum Tube. page 7-8

It cracked from the base. Gen Asagiri talks about the level of precision and Kaseki says "as usual, nothing ever goes right on the first try for us" so they make another one.

Chrome comes back with copper but they failed a lot because of the filament. page 12-14

Asagari Gen wants everyone for New Year. page 15-16

Suika finds Scheelite. page 16-17

Characters in Order of Appearance


Senku is depetrified for 6268 days page 16

Science Stuff:

  • Vacuum Tube at high temperatures blasts electrons. The heart of the cellphone. page 8
  • Scheelite shines blue under a blacklight (uv light) page 16
  • Atomic number 74 Tungsten page 20-22

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