Hard Knocks Crafting Club (スパルタ工作クラブ Suparuta Kōsaku Kurabu?) is the fifty-third chapter of Dr. Stone manga.


Senku uses Chrome and Kaseki's water wheel to make a water powered generator, Gen Asagiri praises Senku for his accomplishments; Senku tells Gen to to thank the two who made the wheel. Senku comes up with an idea to store the electricity by using lead plates in a sulfuric acid solution stored in a glass container.

Ginro and Kinro are relieved that they do not have to power the generator by hand, but the water wheel will. Kohaku grins that the fighters can focus on training instead of powering the generator. Senku also uses the water generator to automate the iron furnace, and upgrade it to level 3. Kohaku's father is delighted by this, because now the more people can focus on collecting food for the winter.

Senku then tells Gen that he will be making a light bulb next by use mercury to trap air, Gen then expresses that nothing can surprise him anymore.

The scene then later skips two months later, and winter arrived and they light up a large Christmas tree with their new invention; the light bulb. Chrome then proposes the idea of going mining, because now they can go deeper into the caves because of their new invention. Chrome, Senku, and Gen, start their excavation in to the depths of the caves.

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