Yuzuriha ( Yuzuriha) is the fifth chapter of the manga Dr. Stone and its first chapter of the Vs. Tsukasa Arc.


To keep Tsukasa from the revival potion, Senku has to think of something. While everyone is preparing for the revival of Yuzuriha, Senku announces that there isn't enough of the cure available. He instructs Taiju to set off to get more. But Tsukasa volunteers, saying "he's the fastest in the group". And that's where Senku wanted him.

During Tsukasa's absence to locate the cave, Senku hurries to make the reviving potion to resurrect Yuzuriha at this moment. Taiju is confused about the whole situation. He asks why he sends Tsukasa away when there is enough. But without Senku explaining everything, Taiju relies on Senku's decision.

Yuzuriha breaks free! In despair and tears, Taiju apologizes for having to wait 3700 years. Yuzuriha has no idea, but thanks for her rescue. Senku interrupts the reunification, saying that they must make a decision before Tsukasa returns and that there are only two of them: "Plan A! Run away immediately, and live somewhere far from here", meanwhile you can see Tsukasa storming, "Plan B! We all fight to stop the murderer Tsukasa. With all the powers of civilization!"

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  • Senku explains the process of revival and the reason for the duration "that it is a kind of cold sleep" with a hypothesis from a whole year of experiments. "It's a sort of protective coat created from the trace metallic elements within the body. It keeps this petrified state by a mysterious shift of the element's phase. Then, if we break through ... this coat by seeping it with nital, it spreads throughout the entire body through a chain reaction! And the petrifcation will be released!"

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