Blade of Science (科学の刃 Kagaku no Yabai?) is the forty eighth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


For the village's advancement, Senku Ishigami, Chrome, and Kaseki start forging Japanese swords for all their warriors. Senku explains how the task of making these swords is very difficult and tedious, but Kaseki easily learns it. Kaseki was able to make enough swords to equip every capable fighter in the village.

Later on the village was attached by Tsukasa Shishio's people. The villagers faced off against Hyoga and his followers, but the villagers the upper-hand due to there advanced weaponry, as they broke the enemies weakly forged weapons.

Gen's betrayal was revealed to the villagers as he was seen telling information of the village and its strongest fighters, but was also helping the villagers by implying that teaming up will help them win. Kohaku and Magma then team on , defeats Magma but before fighting Kohako; his weapons break. It is revealed that Gen double crossed by tampering with his weapons causing it to fall apart in battle.

Gen and Senku team up against as they attack him their new swords.

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