Epilogue of Part 1 (End of Part 1) Part 2: Stone Wars (Epilogue (エピローグ) of (オブ) Chapter (チャプター) 1(第一章最終話) Epirōgu Obu Chaputā Ichi (Dai Isshō Saishō-wa))is the forty-fifth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The chapter begins back in Ishigami Village, where Chrome explains to Suika what happened in the flashback. Kohaku freaks out over the fact they are all likely Senku's relatives - but Senku assures her that Byakuya wasn't his biological father; he further adds that if even if Byakuya was his biological relative, the blood relation between Senku and the villagers is practically non-existant (as genetics change with generations). Everyone heads down to the banquet, but as everyone else is drinking, Senku and Ruri make their way out of the village. Ruri tells Senku that wasn’t the whole story.

The scene flashes back once again to Byakuya looking at a grave, with Darya Nikitina and Yakov Nikitin suggesting they get some antibiotics from the mainland but they are lost at sea and presumed dead. A frustrated Byakuya refuses to let Pneumonia take them out. It’s revealed the grave belongs to Shamil, and we see another flashback of Shamil on his deathbed, telling Byakuya he did have fun in the end. He thanks him for the ramen (from when the world was petrified) and tells him it was nice enough to make him smile.

Byakuya vows to rebuild humanity to a point where they can eat ramen in space again. In another flashback, we see Byakuya drawing something in the sand with Lillian. We learn these are the 100 stories, designed to teach the future descendants the basics of survival - how to catch food, etc. He then adds a message to the final story, telling Senku that he trusts him to rebuild humanity, with the help of the villagers.

The scene goes back to Ruri and Senku at the village graveyard, where Senku decides to stay for a while. He thinks about how much has happened since the petrification and how nostalgic it all is. He sheds a single tear, but thanks Byakuya for “the science souvenirs“ (the villagers) and assures him he will help return humankind to where it was.

Back at the village, Gen is talking about his cola with one of the villagers. He explains he can’t drink because he has a message to pass on. At that moment, Senku returns, and asks him whats happened with Tsukasa. Gen smiles humorlessly and tells him that Tsukasa and his army are coming for them. Senku smirks and gets ready for battle.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • On the front cover page, Ruri's eyes are colored blue as opposed to the green from chapter 40.
  • It is revealed Byakuya is not Senku's biological father but his adoptive father.
  • Byakuya wrote the 100 stories, designed as a message to reach Senku to help him rebuild humanity, with the help of the villagers, the astronaut's future descendants.
  • Given Kohaku freaked out at the idea of being related to Senku, some concept of in-breeding seems to have been passed down.
    • It additonally suggests Kohaku still has her eye on Senku as a potential husband.
  • Gen reveals an attack by Tsukasa is coming.

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