One Hundred Nights, One Thousand Skies (百の夜と千の空 Hyaku no Yoru to Sen no Sora) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The chapter starts with Senku down on Earth, suddenly turned to stone. He realizes his brain is still completely and begins to think. Back on the ISS, Byakuya uses the time stamps on tweets and posts to figure out where the light came from - South America. The scene switches to Byakuya preparing to go to the surface. His crewmate suggests going as far away from the point of origin as possible, near Japan. Byakuya then realizes they don’t have enough re-entry pods to go on his own - so the crew organize a suicide team of three.

Byakuya attempts to go in the pod, but Shamil punches him in the gut - to his shock. He tells Byakuya it should only be loners that go, and Byakuya should stay safe on board. The scene switches to Senku counting how long it’s been, and we see the re-entry pod reach the atmosphere. Once the pod reaches the surface, Shamil reports that they haven’t got turned to stone. However - due to unguided re-entry - they had missed their destination and we’re upside down in the water. The crew assures them they have five hours of oxygen left, but Shamil realizes this is as far as they go.

Byakuya decides if they can reach a nearby island they can find a boat or make a raft to save them. His crewmate reminds him the margin of error is 10km, but Byakuya says he’s prepared to swim that far if that’s what it takes. Back on the re-entry pod, Lillian begins to sing out of nervousness. Shamil tells her to save oxygen but Lillian remarks they don’t need it anymore. Suddenly, a sopping wet Byakuya appears in a boat and helps them out. Shamil smiles and calls him an idiot, but agrees ’this high stake stuff’ wasn't too bad.

The scene skips to the crew on a practically uninhabited island, bar the owner of a lifeboat. They realize they are the last ones left on Earth and begin to get out survival supplies. We then skip forward three years, to see Shamil and one of the crew - Connie - getting married. Lillian begins to sing a song and remembers her childhood. She then runs off crying, with Byakuya following her. She explains how frustrating it is all the music is going to disappear - but Byakuya assures him one day, Senku will wake up and rebuild the world. He then explains he‘ll definitely need allies. The scene switches once more to the villagers standing ready to fight, and Senku breaking out of his petrification.

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  • The Soyuz Byakuya references is a spacecraft attached to the ISS
  • It is shown the astronauts reached Earth and began their on the island where the village would be made.

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