The Earth lights up with the petrification incident

Humanity's Final Six (人類 最後の6人 Jinrui Saigo no Roku-nin?) is the forty-third chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Continuing the flashback starting off with Senku and his classmates watching as Byakuya flies into space. He is welcomed by the crewmates on the ISS before suddenly being interrupted by the pop star Lillian Weinburg. She begins to complain at every one on the ship about the narrow hallways and boasts about her CD’s, to the crews annoyance/fear. Byakuya starts laughing, and Lillian reveals she was just acting to give everyone on board a shock.

The crew are relieved, thankful they don’t have to put up with a diva for the whole trip. Byakuya suggests putting her songs on as background music - to Lillian’s embarrassment. The scene cuts to Lillian ending off a livestream to her fans, and she asks if anyone else wants to use the line. Byakuya tells her Senku is probably wrapped up in his own research or something. We then see Senku down on Earth, investigating the petrified swallows being found all across the world.

We then switch back to the ISS, where Byakuya is playing around with some Miso soup (to the other crewmates laughter). He offers some to Shamil, but he declines, assuring him he’s fine with his nutritional jelly. Byakuya tries to offer him some ramen and teases him enough to get him to try it. Suddenly, he freezes and looks out at Earth, as a white light covers the globe. Byakuya yells as he remembers Senku and the crew begin to freak out, realising all communications are down across the planet.

As the crew speculate what could have happened, Byakuya connects to the internet and realises all tweets/posts have stopped. Shamil gains access to a live feed of a football game, and the crew are shocked to see everyone as a statue. Some time passes, as the crew argue what to do next. One of the members suggest waiting for help, but Byakuya and Shamil agree they should head to the surface. Byakuya determines that they are the last six of humanity - and its up to them to save everyone else.


Lillian Weinburg makes her appearance

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RosCosmos is the Russian space agency, like America’s NASA and Japan’s JAXA.

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