Tale for the Ages (幾千年物語 Ikusen-nen Monogatari?) is the forty-second chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The chapter opens with Ruri telling Senku the village is called Ishigami Village, with Ishigami being Senku’s last name. Senku laughs and tells her ”all the pieces finally fit together now.” Kohaku and Chrome look at Senku and Ruri confused, no idea what’s going on. Senku deduces that he must have been mentioned in the priestess‘s 100 stories, to Kohaku and Chrome’s shock.

Ruri has a flashback to when she was first told the story, and begins to tell it. We see a flashback of when Senku was a child, trying to figure out why the moon follows him. His dad turns up, explaining why the moon doesn’t actually follow him, before getting sidetracked on his failure to become an astronaut. Senku asks when the next space exam is, which his dad claims is only once every 10 years.

We then see Senku experimenting with fake rockets and strange gadgets. His dad realises that, after 10 years, the astronaut program is recruiting once more. We then see Senku messing around with a fake body, using electricity to move a young Taiju’s muscle. The scene switches to a scene where Senku pushes his dad into the water wearing a strange suit, that controls his muscles for him.

The suit ends up making his dad even less able to swim, but he smiles and doesn’t tell Senku. The scene switches again to his dad at the astronaut training program, where he passes the training exam out of determination to make Senku proud. While the judges look at him strangely, he passes, and we fast forward five years to the launch of his rocket. He surprises a news reporter recording the event, and tells Senku he‘ll bring back a mountain of souvenirs. Senku chuckles and calls him an idiot, as the class watches in astonishment. A few panels show Senku’s dad flying up to space, as the Ruri tells the trio it was 3 days later when the world turned to stone. The chapter ends with Senku looking out at the village, shocked.


Byakuya flies into space, 3 days before the petrification incident


Ruri reveals the 100th story

Characters In Order Of Appearance


  • JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Japanese version of NASA.
  • Electrode Sparta Suits are a presumably a parody of Halo‘s Electric Spartan Suits

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