Doctor Stone (DOCTOR (ドクター) STONE (ストーン) Dokutā Sutōn) is the forty-first chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Senku feeds Ruri the newly created Cure-all Sulfa drug, much to the villages fear. He then attempts to diagnose Ruri’s illness. After listening to her breathing via a wooden cup, he concludes that their is a water build up in Ruri’s lungs. Soon after he spots a dead rat carcass and rushes back to his lab.

To Gen’s disgust and Kohaku’s curiosity, Senku performs an autopsy on the dead rat. He discovers the rat has infected lungs and realises that bacteria was what infected Ruri. He informs Kohaku, Gen and Chrome if the illness is what he suspects it is - Pulmonary Tuberclosis - they have no means of saving Ruri.

Suddenly Suika runs over to the three and asks them to come quick. They sprint to the village to find Ruri’s condition has gotten worse, and she is choking on the ground. The village chief exclaims this is the worse she’s ever been, and she may be in critical condition. This prompts one of the villagers to accuse Senku of poisoning Ruri with his “Sorcery Drug.”

As Senku kneels down to examine her, Kokuyo attempts to strangle Senku out of anger. Senku explains Ruri’s sudden turn for the worse is due to the bacteria fighting back. He then realizes that this means Ruri has Pneumonia - something the Sulfa-drug can easily counter, if enough of it is given. The chief tries to stop Senku, but Kohaku, Chrome and the others convince the chief to let him try.

Once Ruri is cured, Senku concludes it was Kohaku bringing back the warm water every day that kept her alive those whole 18 years. As Ruri emerges from the lab, both her and Kokuyo cry with tears of joy. Ruri remarks its been longer than she can remember since stepped outside the village or ran. Kokuyo joyfully declares that Senku is the new chief of “Ishigami Village.” This causes Senku to look up, confused. Ruri then explains she has always known, somehow, Senku’s full name was Senku Ishigami.

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Science Stuff

  • Pneumonia‘s full name is Streptococcus Pneumoniae, a bacteria that can inject its genes into other harmless bacteria to increase its numbers.
  • When put together, ”Ishigami” and “Senku” translate to “Stone God”
  • The Village is called Ishigami Village.
    • Ishigami is Senku's last name.

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