Two Million Years in the Making (200万年の結晶 Nihyakuman-nen no Kesshō?) is the fortieth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The announcer declares Senku as the winner (and new chief), much to Kokuyo’s, the Kingdom Of Science’s and the villagers’ shock. Senku takes Ruri’s hand in marriage which causes Kokuyo to yell at him with anger. The villages become undecided confused on who to side with, as Senku had won under the ”watchful eye of God.”

Senku asks for some alcohol, which has now turned to vinegar. As he goes to prepare the Cure-all drug a villager informs him the wedding ceremony involves drinking through the night. In response to this, Senku decides he’ll need a divorce and walks of happily, which creates another another wave of shock from the villagers. As he carries the vinegar back to the lab Ruri looks out across the village - realising she’s become the first divorced priestess.

Kokuyo goes crazy with rage, but Kinro explains to him Senku is not evil. Back at the lab Kaseki builds a strange bamboo machine that spins in the water. When asked what it’s for, Senku replies they’ll find out tomorrow and tells Kaseki to keep watch. Kaseki forces Gen to help him - much to Gen’s protest. After forcefully waking Chrome up with some Ammonia, he informs the team the drugs will be ready by tommorow. Kohaku, Chrome and Senku collect the leftover ash on the iron making machine, which they wash with Hydrochloric Acid and mix with the vinegar.

Senku reveals they have another 25 steps to go, to Chrome‘s shock. They begin collecting materials. A curious Gen examines the Bamboo pipe and discovers Carbon Dioxide inside, prompting him to ask Senku what it’s for. When he reaches the lab, he finds (to his shock) that Senku and Chrome had caused an explosion. Senku gives an overly long explanation leaving Gen even more confused, then reveals that they are going to use the CO2 to make Carbonic Acid, which they will then mix with Sodium Hydroxide to make baking soda. By mixing the rest of the chemicals in baking soda, they compete the final step and finally finish the Cure-all.

Joyfully, the team celebrates their victory and look back on the last half a year. Gen explains he can’t enter the village to see Ruri be cured so decides to stay at the lab. As the others walk off, Kohaku feels bad for Gen after all he’d done for them. Gen miserably walks back to the lab - only to realise that Senku had secretly been making the Cola he‘d promised all this time. Over at the village, Senku gets ready to feed Ruri the Cure-all.

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Ammonia is a type of smelling salt, that has an extremely strong scent.

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