Pure White Shell (純白の貝殻 Junpaku no Kaigara) is the fourth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Taiju questions Senku whats bad about being too strong. Senku explains that if he was a bad guy they wouldn't be able to stop him without a bunch of guns. Before Taiju can fully respond, Sh interrupts them to ask them if he can have a tool to prepare the lion, surprising Taiju that he would eat Lion and wondering if it can even be eaten. Senku smugly explains that they aren’t poisonous, though they are quite tough and bad tasting, speaking from his experience in Africa researching Ebola.

Tsukasa merely says that even though he killed it in self defence, by making it into food he thanks the natural life cycle, which Taiju exclaims is very admirable, and convinces them to team up with Shishio. Later on they arrive back at the camp, bringing Yuzuriha along with them so they can de-petrify her after she has been clothed and they have enough acid and alcohol to make more stone formula. Tsukasa formally introduces himself to Senku and Taiju, to which Senku notes that his family name is useless in this world, before introducing himself and Taiju and explaining their roles. Tsukasa says that he is then in charge of hunting, narrowly avoiding saying fighting.

He begins by catching them a bunch of fish in a single outing, which Senku proceeds to smoke in order to kill the microbes on the surface and preserve the fish for longer periods, the first step to civilization. Senku then decides to quiz Taiju and Tsukasa on what the most important thing that’s needed in modern civilization is,. After some thought Taiju says a smartphone, an answer that, according to Senku, was so incredibly stupid it caused Tsukasa’s face to go pale. Tsukasa guesses Iron, which Senku says will be needed, but a more convenient option is Calcium Carbonate.

He explains it’s the thing used to trace the lines in stadiums, so Taiju suggests they look for a gym store room. Senku shoots this down as there wont be any 3700 years in the future. Instead he suggests crushing sea shells into a fine powder, which Taiju proceeds to do by the basket-load with a sledge hammer.

Senku explains there are four deadly important ways to use Calcium Carbonate:

  1. It can be used to remove hydrogen ions from the soil and improve it for agriculture
  2. By mixing it with sand and heating it, you can create mortar, a precursor to cement
  3. It can be used to create soap, essential to fending of disease

After seeing his intellect, Tsukasa says he respects Senku from the bottom of his heart and that hes the smartest guy he’s ever met. Senku claims that a guy who compliments another guy face to face is either gay or a tactician, which Tsukasa says that he was reading too much into it. He just thought that Senku could really rebuild Modern Civilization from scratch.

Taiju asks about the fourth use of Calcium Carbonate, but instead of confirming this, Senku instead claims there are only three and acts confused, which although Taiju accepts no questions asked, seems to puzzle Tsukasa.

Later, while Taiju is out collecting seashells to create Calcium Carbonate, Tsukasa and Senku talk about the new stone world. Tsukasa retells a story about a poor boy who wanted to make a seashell necklace for his little sister. Whilst out collecting seashells a drunk middle aged man who had a fishing permit in that stretch of beach appeared. The man said that the boy was stealing the shells and proceeded to beat him.

Tsukasa then suddenly proceeds to destroy the petrified human in front of him, so Senku asks him if he understands that he killed a man. Tsukasa says he does, and in turn asks whether Senku plans on saving everyone, even the old people, the ones that although grateful, would eventually go back to profiting off the weak.

He claims that this world is a paradise untainted and that this is an opportunity to cleanse humanity of the old and only the innocent young should be de-petrified, to live together with nature. Senku naturally disagrees, and promises to save everyone with the power of science.

After a brief glare at each other, Senku thinks to himself that Tsukasa is too dangerous and that even a typical bad guy would have been better than Tsukasa but it cant be helped because otherwise they would have been killed by those lions. Senku decides that Tsukasa can’t do anything without the revival potion so decides to keep it hidden.

However just as he decides that, Taiju comes running in with the potion blurting out exactly what Senku wanted to keep hidden and yelling that they can now save Tsukasa

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