And the Winner is... (AND (アンド) THE () WINNER (ウィナー) IS (イズ) Ando za Winā Izu) the thirty-ninth chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The chapter begins with a panel of Chrome raising his hand in the air as Magma falls into the river, clothes on fire. The Kingdom Of Science cheer with victory. Kokuyo confirms the win, and the Kingdom Of Science crew rejoice as they now only have allies in the competition. Gen leaves the village, telling Senku he‘ll tell him what he has to say when he gets back. Ginro reassures Ruri that she no longer has to worry because Chrome will be the one to marry her. Ruri responds by claiming, it is not right for her to have such “Arbitrary Desires.”

This causes Ginro to realise he can marry Ruri with no regrets. He suddenly starts fantasizing about being chief and crazily attacks Senku in the Semi-finals, in an attempt to become chief. He claims he’ll supply all you can eat Ramen everyday and he‘ll give Harems to everyone - much to Kohaku’s dismay. The entire village realises Ginro is an idiot and decide he can’t be chief. Chrome, with the last of his strength, throws the helmet into the arena, which Senku uses on a lever that smacks Ginro in the face.

Kokuyo remarks on Senku‘s quick thinking and interesting tactics. The village erupts with cheers as Ginro falls to the floor. Suika hopefully theorises Ginro was putting on an act so Senku could win, to the other Kingdom Of Science members doubt. Chrome mutters how Ruri is now finally safe, and collapses. Senku brushes himself off and tells himself all he needs to do is throw in the match. He then realises Chrome has passed out, making him the winner. Kokuyo holds his hands in his face as the entire village is shocked.

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  • Some translations mistranslated Harem to Harlem - they are very different things. One is a polygamous relationship and the other is a district in Manhattan.

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