King of the Stone World (KING (キング) OF (オブ) THE () STONE (ストーン) WORLD (ワールド) Kingu obu za Sutōn Wārudo?) is the third chapter of the manga Dr. Stone.


After a full year of experimentation, Senku and Taiju have finally perfected their Purification Potion. As they arrive at the tree, Taiju excitedly asks if they can really revive Yuzuriha with the potion. Senku tells him that he tested the potion on some of the petrified body parts in the area, but it is useless if the person is already dead.They say a prayer for their sacrifice.

As Senku is about to revive Yuzuriha with the potion, Taiju realizes that she is naked and stops him by poking him in the eyes. They argue over whether or not it matters if she’s naked or not before Taiju decides that they need to take her back to their camp to dress her. Senku is surprised that Taiju is able to carry the heavy statue and questions how much it weighs. Taiju misinterprets the comment and thinks he’s calling Yuzuriha fat.

As the two continue to bicker, 5 lions lions jump out from behind some bushes and start chasing them. While Taiju is confused as to why there are lions in Japan, Senku theorizes that they must have escaped from the Zoo and hunted other animals to survive while they were petrified. He explains that these lions have probably never seen living humans before; giving a reason for their attack. Taiju throws Yuzuriha to Senku and tells him that he’ll act as his shield and hold them off while he escapes, claiming that scientific knowledge should be saved above all else. Senku exclaims that he can’t make it by himself and how he needs Taiju’s strength and endurance.

While they continue to run from the lions Taiju remember’s something that might be able to help them. He led Senku to “The strongest high school primate” named Shishio Tsukasa that he found the first day he was revived. They decide to revive him with the potion in the hope he’ll save their lives. As the lions arrive ready to attack, Shishio awakens. “What’s the current situation?” he asked as the mineral started to crack and fall of of him. Senku explains to him that he is covered in a mineral substance and what direction the lions are coming from. Shishio flings the pieces of stone off of his body, launching them at the lions (also hitting Taiju). He then rushes toward the largest of the lions and uppercuts it into a tree trunk with tremendous force, while the others run away.

After collecting themselves, Shishio proclaims that no harm shall come to Taiju or Senku now that he’s there to protect them. Taiju expresses his excitement over having a third and strong member to their group, while Senku believes that he may be a little too strong.

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