King of the Stone World (KING (キング) OF (オブ) THE () STONE (ストーン) WORLD (ワールド) Kingu obu za Sutōn Wārudo) is the third chapter of the manga Dr. Stone.


The answer is of course ...

After a full year, Taiju can finally fulfil his wish. He and his best friend, Senku, are in the process of reviving Yuzuriha with their remedy as Taiju realises that she will be naked at the break-free. He pokes Senku's eyes and stops him. Senku denies that anyone cares "if you appear butt naked or with your dick hanging out". Taiju sees things differently and carries Yuzuriha to dress her in the tree house. But lions jump out of the bushes and Senku and Taiju start running. Amid the escape Taiju proposes to sacrifice himself to gain time for the escape of Senku and Yuzuriha, but Senku argues: "Your skill is enduring, not fighting! Have you ever punched anyone since junior high? Think logically. I use my head, and you your body. We're both essential! Think logically ... When we flee, it's both of us together!" Taiju gives in. They flee further and Taiju comes up with an idea. Instead Yuzuriha, revive the "strongest primate high-schooler", Tsukasa Shishio.

Although they have been surrounded, they manage to implement the idea and Tsukasa puts the wild animals to flight. He promises that they will never face danger anymore "because from now on, he will be the fighter!"

The third man appears and the properties of the group have increased by the trifecta of intelligence, endurance and fighting power.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • On the last page attention is drawn by the following sentence: "The 'strongest primate high-schooler' will bring the storm or?!"

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