Fantasy Vs. Science (FANTASY (ファンタシ) VS (バーサス) SCIENCE (サイエンス) Fantashī Bāsasu Saiensu) is the second chapter of the manga Dr. Stone manga.


The story begins with Taiju bringing home some mushrooms for food and Senku compliments Taiju's endurance. Senkuu then categorizes the mushroom from inedible from edible mushrooms and proceeds to cook them. Taiju compliments Senkuu's cooking and then explains that any human can eat anything once you have added salt to it. The next day Taiju goes on another search to find more edible foods such as grapes while searching he happens to find the very same cave that Senkuu awoke in. Taiju mistakes a vase that Senkuu had placed in the cave to collect the Nitric Acid as someone else being alive for Senkuu to arrive saying that he placed it there reminding them both that they are the only known Survivors to be alive thus Senkuu states that "Repopulating Humanity" is their most important task.

After Senkuu talks about how strange it is that they both woke up within 6 months of each other after being trapped as stone statues for 3700 years, Senku than shows Taiju that the Nitric Acid dropping from the ceiling of the cave could hold the key to purifying the people trapped in stone.

Senku brings Taiju to his laboratory that he has been using to experiment on Stone Bird using the Nitric Acid and other materials to try and create a purification potion. With many failed attempts happening one after another. Senku than states if they had Sake (Ethanol) he would be able to combine the Nitric Acid and Ethanol to create Nital which is a Corrosive Solvent used for etching and many other industrial uses.

Taiju tries to bring up something Senku had said about needing sake, Taiju than brings out the grapes he had collected saying "Couldn't we make wine with these?!" Senku was really surprised that Taiju had collected something so convenient Taiju than begins to crush up all the grapes into a liquid they then let it ferment over 3 weeks. Over the 3 weeks of waiting Senku made a wine distiller from mud for it to shatter once the put the liquid in it.

From Autumn to Winter many failed attempts followed in suit it is shown that Taiju's hair has grown a lot longer and he has grown a full beard, Senku explains to him that he is more prone to getting sicker due to bad hygiene he then shaves by using clams to pull out his beard in much pain.

Spring arrives Senku wipes away the sweat of his hard work from his forehead showing 5 cups of untested purification potion, Senku and Taiju begin testing the cure on stone birds to not much prevail Senku kicks the final cup he was using out the door to look back to see that the 5th cup of Purification Potion has purified a feather. Senku immediately recreates the cure from the cup that succeeded, he then pours it over a Wallow. As he waits Senku says "There is nothing science cannot explain. Searching for a rule to explain that which you can't understand... The tireless effort that walks that straight, steady path... That is what we call Science...!!" The bird then flies off taking to the sky.

Senku then says that it has taken a year of dozens of hundreds of failed attempts to create the cure and since Taijus grapes created this he can choose the first person to purify.

This marks Z=2 where they depetrified a stoned bird.

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