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Diamond Heart (DIAMOND (ダイヤモンド) HEART (ハート) Daiyamondo Hāto) is the one hundred and eighty-second chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The chapter starts with Ukyo, Kohaku, and Chrome coating the new ship they made with the Medusas. Senku is grateful for the fact that they have so many spare Medusas to experiment with. He then goes on to say that once they have figured out how to re-activate them, he will use them against Stanley's gang. Ryusui enthusiastically chimes in by saying that victory is at their grasp. Senku asks Dr. Xeno if he can be trusted to study such a dangerous weapon, who responds that he would be at a disadvantage if he were to not study it.

Xeno claims that he does not intend to share his findings once they start to analyze the Medusa. After looking at many Medusas, Xeno and Senku both come to the realization that every Medusa's diamond has been blackened. They aren't able to analyse the crystal structure clearly due to the charring. After over a thousand Medusas have been opened, Xeno claims that every single one has some sort of black pattern on it. Xeno says that the patterns are all different and are most likely there because of some sort of damage. Chrome notices a diamond that isn't black at all, and that since the diamond is the battery that maybe it's new. Kohaku finds a device with an unblackened diamond and tries to activate it. She whispers one meter three seconds, but there is no reaction. Ukyo claims that is might be some sort of dud, like an unexploded bomb.

How to make a Diamond

Examining it closer, Xeno notices cracks along the cleavage plains. Ryusui claims that all of the non-blackened ones have defects preventing them from activating: either too small, chipped, or cracked. Chrome and Senku then come to the conclusion that if they were to make a new diamond with no defects, it could power a Medusa.

Senku instructs the others in Corn City to create a diamond, relaying the instructions by Morse code. Nikki, Yo, Minami, Kinro, Yuzuriha are present. Yo is surprised that you could make a diamond, and wishes he knew Senku in the modern era so he could make diamonds for him. Senku believes that they don't need a pro to do science, and says anyone can do it. Senku has told them the only thing they really need is methanol, which Nikki retrieves from Xeno's chamber.

Senku tells them to heat the methanol a ton and you're done but Yo complains how he needs some more steps. Yuzihara says the heat required will come from a tungsten filament, with Magma recognizing the name from the light bulb they made a while back.[1] Yuzuriha twists the filament into a coil and places it in the methanol to heat up, they fail horribly and it explodes, blowing Magma out the window. Knowing Senku wouldn't have asked them to do the impossible, Nikki tells everyone they have to do it without Brody's help, as "science isn't just for the eggheads".

The team troubleshoot all the issues. Yuzuriha and Nikki realize that excess air caused it to explode, so they try again after getting rid of all the air. The result is charred, and Kinro and Kirisame suggest upping the electricity. This time the coil breaks. Yuzuriha notices that two parts are accidentally touching, completing the circuit in the wrong spot, which they fix. Finally, they create a diamond, leaving Joel to do the rest!

Characters in Order of Appearances[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • The team cover the stealth ship in something black (possibly rubber) to hide the sparkle from the devices plastering it.
  • All the petrification devices that they broke open had defective diamonds (either blackened, too small, or chipped). There appears to be no pattern to the damage.
  • Senku hypothesises that a perfect diamond of the correct shape and size should be able to power the device.
  • The team in Corn City is entrusted with the task of making a perfect diamond.
    • They struggle as none of them are scientists, but ultimately succeed.
  • A perfect diamond is made!


  • It is now about mid-February.[2]


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