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Spy vs. Spy (SPY (スパイ) VS. (バーサス) SPY (スパイ) Supai Bāsasu Supai) is the 154th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Stanley journeys through the forest before Luna Wright asks him on whether they should trust Gen Asagiri but Stanley explains his mistrust of Gen, something Luna hurriedly agrees on. Two men Carlos Barrios and Max Adams appear, both wanting to impress Luna who decides to lighten the load before the man start arguing about who should help. Interjecting, Stanley tells Luna that she has to preserve her strength because she has a role to play. Luna is obviously confused but continues to journey with Stanley.

On the Perseus, Ryusui has an eerie feeling that something amiss. Surely enough, Stanley's group have gathered a good vantage point, as they remark on the size of the Perseus before stating that the science leader is nothing to Xeno. Taking out thermometers and weather vanes, Stanley starts to measure the weather as the others question his reasons. Stanley reveals that he is measuring the velocity for the perfect shot, shocking them. Luna asks if he really intends to kill the leader, as Stanley confirms it while glaring at Luna when she tries to question him on why.

Moving the questions further, she asks why he needs her. Stanley explains that he will send Luna to spy on the Kingdom of Science to draw out the science user for him to snipe him. Luna hesitantly agrees and gets her self battered up, to give the illusion that she needs help.

On the tree, Stanley remarks on the naivete of the enemy for not leaving a man behind and states their downfall is imminent. Stanley has sent Luna to serve as a spy, as they sent Gen to spy on his group.

Luna then makes her presence known to the crew, begging for after claiming to escape Xeno. The crew are surprised by her, as Moz remarks on her beauty while Kirisame scolds him. Ryusui notes that while he wants to aid her, she could be spy before Senku approaches her and helps her. She is seemingly awestruck to look at him before Kirisame and Taiju aid Senku with Luna. The rest of the crew observe the scene, as Yuzuriha and Kinro both wondering on Senku's supposed charm.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa's group wander the forest and discuss their strategy.

Back at the Perseus, Luna internally decides to fulfill her mission while most of the crew are suspicious of her. Both Yo and Moz remark on her beauty and that may be why Senku let her on, though Yuzuriha is convinced. Senku then states his intentions to get info on Luna, while Yuzuriha isn't surprised.

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