Righteous Science-User ( () () () () 使 () Seigi no Kagaku Tsukai) is the 150th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Descending down a river, Senku's group discusses a new threat posed by the culprit behind the machine-gun attack. Senku and the group deduce that the attacker was likely de-petrified on their own like him and that their scientific tools are more advanced than the groups.

In the midst of the discussion, Ukyo notices an engine sound coming from above. After a brief argument of what should be done, they increase their descending speed whilst being assaulted by another machine gunfire. Ginro panics as Matsukaze is grazed and Yo desperately tries to shoot the plane above with Hyoga telling him it's pointless and a waste of ammo. Soon after, Senku quickly combines water and calcium carbide to form acetylene gas, which he then gives to Kirisame who throws it at the plane, knocking the engine down and making the plane crash, much to the pilot's amusement.

After they come out of the crashed plane, the mysterious attacker explains to the person on the other end of their communication device how the attack was carried out. Senku's enemies conclude that the opposing group has an experienced scientist just like the pilot.

Once things have calmed down, a scared Ginro suggests running away as their foes might bring reinforcements now that their attack has failed, while Senku and Ryusui gleefully disagree and suggest they take the crashed plane before reinforcements arrive. As they drag the stolen plane down the river, Senku and Ryusui celebrate, having captured a part of their enemy's firepower.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • The Kingdom of Science acquires the plane of the enemy.
    • Ryusui wants it for luxury traveling.
    • Senku wants it to learn how to reverse-engineer the technology.
  • The person in the plane has a radio and cigarettes.
  • The face of the revived American is seen. However, their name and gender are unknown.
    • There appear to be more revived people in America.
    • The people of America have created communicators.
      • Given the level of technology, the Americans likely revived quite a few years before Senku did.
    • It seems they have mistaken the Kingdom of Science for the true enemy.

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