Bar Francois: Bitters (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) ~BITTER (ビター) SIDE (サイド) ~ Bā Furansowa ~Bitā Saido~) is the 146th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Yo and Ginro complains about the lack of alcohol at Bar Francois, noting that the booze would make the trip feel faster, while Kinro questions their logic. Francois reassures them that the alcohol needed time to mature. In a flashback, Senku teaches Chrome and Kaseki how to make beer. Ryusui toasts the crew with the matured beer, and the drunken Yo begins telling stories.

Ginro asks Matsukaze about his previous master. Matsukaze reveals that his master led the charge in destroying the Petrification Weapons that landed on Treasure Island, and got his arm petrified by brigands before Matsukaze cut it off. Dying from blood loss, Matsukaze’s master speculated that the weapons were designed to bait humanity into petrifying itself, and had hoped to prove the heavens wrong. After his master’s death, Matsukaze slew the brigands and destroyed all but one of the weapons, before deciding to allow himself to be petrified in the hopes of warning future generations of the threat. He carved the shape of the weapon into his arm before he was petrified. Matsukaze remarks that his bitterness will not be relieved by revenge, but he will continue on.

Francois gives Matsukaze an alcoholic cocktail, and Matsukaze passes out after one sip. When he awakens, he finds Tsukasa, Kohaku, and Kinro standing over him, ready for weapons training. He recalls begging for a sparring match, before apologizing as he was inebriated but Tsukasa states he needed to train anyway.

Meanwhile, Chrome questions Senku about the safety of reviving Hyoga. Senku responds that between Tsukasa and Yo’s pistol, he won’t do much damage, and would cooperate with the fate of humanity at stake. Senku asserts that Tsukasa is in charge of fighting, and if Tsukasa wants a fighter, he’ll provide. Tsukasa says that his specialty is hand-to-hand fighting, and that Hyoga would be a better weapons teacher. Hyoga is revived and Tsukasa tells him that he will need him in training, seeing Tsukasa on his feet Hyoga stares at him for a while but agrees to train them on one condition. Senku asks if he is going to beg for a pardon but Hyoga requests that he gets to revive two people of his choosing: Homura and Mozu.

The training begins, but Ginro shies away from that training and trains with Kinro instead.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • Matsukaze's full history is revealed and his lord is introduced but still unnamed.
    • Matsukaze carved he symbol in his arm when he was petrified.
  • Hyoga is revived for weapons training.
    • Hyoga agreed while requesting that Mozu and Homura are depetrified.
  • The Kingdom of Science recreate beer.

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