Bar Francois (BAR (バー) FRANÇOIS (フランソワ) Bā Furansowa) is the 145th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


While Senku and Ginro celebrate Senku’s victory over Ryusui, Yo laments the loss of his Dragos, and asks for a rematch to earn them back. Ryusui then reveals his casino equipment, stating that recreation is a necessary part of their crew’s lifestyle. He notes that between increased rations and the casino, they’ve cut 20 days off their trip time, and Ryusui wants one more luxury to cut the last 10 days: a bar, run by Francois.

Suika points out that she’s not old enough to drink alcohol, but Francois responds that alcohol is not the only drink served at bars, and states their desire to create custom cocktails for everyone on the ship. Senku homebrews calpis for Suika’s cocktail, which Francois mixes into an apple-flavored drink which changes into a watermelon-flavored drink when a decoration is dropped into it. Francois showcases several of the cocktails they created. Ukyo remarks that everything is coming together perfectly, and wonders if Gen arranged for this to happen. Gen denies the accusation, expressing frustration at his loss.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • Senku reveals his method of creating sugar.
    • This has a warning to the readers not to try at home. This is more lethal than attempting to make gunpowder, due to the ease with which the ingredients can be gathered.
  • Personalized cocktails are made for Suika, Tsukasa, Kohaku, Gen, and Senku.
  • The casino has been reinvented.

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