Ryusui vs. Senku (RYUSUI (リュウスイ) VS. (バーサス) SENKU (センクウ) Ryūsui Bāsasu Senkū) is the 143rd chapter is of the Dr. Stone manga.


Minami receives a voice recorder, on which she records the purpose of the Perseus’ voyage, and interviews various crew members, including Tsukasa, Gen, Suika, Chrome, Kasaki, Kirisamie, Kinro, Makazakie and Ginro. Senku and Ryusui argue over which route to take to America. Ryusui favors a longer route following a rhumb line, while Senku prefers a quicker great-circle route. Ryusui believes that following the great-circle route would be too much for a crew inexperienced in trans-oceanic sailing, but Senku retorts that it is viable with the aid of GPS, and that sailing the rhumb line would result in them arriving too late to harvest corn. They would then have to waste another year waiting.

Gen comes down on Ryusui’s side, and Kohaku on Senku’s. When neither of them is able to come to an agreement, they decide to wager the route they’ll take on a game of poker. Gen offers his aid to Ryusui, leading Senku to argue that Gen will (very likely) cheat for Ryusui.

Kohaku joins the game as Senku’s partner, as her keen eyesight will allow her to spot any foul play by Gen.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • Minami has begun recording events on the Perseus and joins the crew on the voyage.
  • Suika is revealed to have been officially welcomed onto the crew of the Perseus after her help during the treasure island arc.
  • Matsukaze wants revenge on Whyman for his possible role in his master's death.
  • The Perseus will dock at San Francisco.
  • Gambling has been brought back.


  • Kirisame seems to have a crush on Kinro.
  • Ginro attempted to stay behind again, but his bodyguard brought him on board anyway.
  • First time Kohaku wears a modern outfit.
  • Tsukasa's view on science has changed; he now vows to not let it fall into the hands of the wicked, rather than simply stunt progress.
  • Ryusui intended to indirectly cheat, by having Gen on his team.

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