First Team (FIRST (ファースト) TEAM (チーム) Fāsuto Chīmu) is the 141st chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Senku says that since the Kingdom of Science is going up against an enemy that petrified the entire world, they need the world’s strongest man to aid them. He reaffirms his intent to revive Tsukasa and make him join the Kingdom of Science.

The Perseus returns to Japan, where Minami notices the modern timers have lost their scars. Ruri is pleased, as this meant that they have found the secret to petrifaction. Mirai is happy that everyone returned, since it meant they could cure her brother. Senku then reveals that the weapon runs on energy, a theory supported by Kirisame's explanations.

When Mirai meets her brother, she clutches the Petrification Weapon before the others appear and clutch it too. Minami voices they might crush her hand, though Mirai is unconcerned only wishing for her brother's safety. Surely enough, the weapon is activated and Tsukasa is petrified by Senku who wastes no time reviving him. Seeing her brother healed, Mirai shed tears of joy at seeing him on his feet and he pats her head.

Nikki speaks to Minami and asks if she wants to join and the teary eyed woman refuses since its between family. However, Ruri pushes her into action while Nikki is surprised by this attitude. Chrome remarks its only natural Ruri be bold, since she is Kohaku's sister and the latter is a beast. During the reunion, Chrome is punished while Tsukasa addresses Senku on the situation, as Matsukaze remarks on his forwardness, something the others aren't surprised on.

Senku tells him of the plan to invade the moon, as Tsukasa comically reacts in a stoic shock, to everyone's surprise. Regaining his cool, he notes they need a strong person on their side while Ginro gets cocky. Ginro touts on Matsukaze's strength, as the latter recognizes Tsukasa's status as a warrior. Curious about the latter's skill, he approaches and challenges Tsukasa to a sparring match, to which the latter accepts. After a short bout, Matsukaze is easily bested by his opponent and in awe at his defeat, he surrenders. Everyone is amazed at this, especially Ginro who has his ego shattered and collapses to his knees. Tsukasa notes how strong Matsukaze would get if he learned modern fighting arts.

When the mentions of Senku's residual scars are made, Gen used paint to recreate his scar. He states it will serve as symbol, declaring the day he removes will be when the threat is vanquished. This rallies every other modern timer, who do the same and Gen convinces Tsukasa to do the same. Tsukasa proceeds to recreate his scar.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Notes

  • The Petrification Weapon is revealed to be out of energy.
  • Tsukasa is revived.
  • The modern timers of the Kingdom of Science recreate their lost petrification scars to honor Senku and plan to remove them once Whyman is defeated.

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