First Dream (FIRST (ファースト) DREAM (ドリーム) Fāsuto Dorīmu) is the 139th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The Kingdom of Science are shocked by the Whyman having Senku's voice, with some bringing up theories that either impossible or slim.

Ryusui states that its plausible Whyman would contact again, soon the latter does. Ukyo declares that its a synthetic voice, as Gen wonders how its possible in the Stone World while also wondering on the Whyman wanting to petrify them. Chrome wonders if Whyman is using Senku's voice from the latter petrified Ibara. This raises questions, as Kaseki wonders why the weapon was even on the island. Senku states they need someone who was on the island to know. Soyuz recognizes the symbol but does not know the history.

Meanwhile, Kirisame and Kohaku are sparring with both being equal. Kirisame questions if Kohaku held back but Kohaku brings up her restriction. Kokuyo and a few other witnesses are in awe. Seeing their freakish strength, a scared Ginro runs off wanting no part, to Kirisame and Kohaku's shock.


Matsukaze depetrified

Afterward, Taiju and Soyuz return with the unknown statue (who Taiju mistakenly brought to the cave) and the latter's arm is found with Ryusui stating it could be attached with the revival formula. Soyuz and Senku recognized that the symbol on his arm resembled the Medusa device. Realizing he must know something, Senku depetrifies him for answers. The man wakes up and is given new clothing by Francois. Senku sees how thin his stone fragments are, declaring he's from a few centuries back. The man is shocked to be released and thanks the Kingdom of Science for freeing him. Senku starts to question him, but the man notices Ginro who is chased by Kirisame and Kohaku. Having flashes of his master, the man saves Ginro, due to his resemblance to his former lord and shows off some of his skill, while shocking them with his strength.

Senku tells him about Ginro, who is annoyed by his description. Soon the situation is explained, as Ginro is shocked that he looks like someone that was that talented, stating the man must of been a relative. He tells the man now revealed to be Matsukaze to serve him, while the others are annoyed by his act and Ginro asks Matsukaze of his past. Matsukaze relays some of his past, stating several petrification weapons fell from the sky. Before he can finish, he cut off by Senku and Ryusui, to the shock of the others.

Returning to the ship, Senku traces the Whyman's signal and deduces the latter is on the moon. The others are worried, since waiting could be dangerous and Gen is worried before Senku states they're headed for the moon.

Chapter Notes

  • The new signal is coming from the moon.
  • The petrification devices come from off-world; several rained down on Treasure Island a few centuries ago.
  • The unknown statue is revived. He is Matsukaze, a vassal of one of Ginro's distant ancestors.
  • Despite the severe technological limitations, Senku intends to find a way to get information about the moon.

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