Flash of Destruction (滅びの煌めき Horobi no Hirameki) is the 133rd chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


The medusa goes off. Hyoga accepts his fate, concluding his battle. Ukyo quickly tells Senku about how it works as the petrification ray envoples the island. Ibara goes to shore gloating in his insanity about his victory. Seeing Soyuz, Ibara remembers when he murdered his father and took the medusa. Believing that even the baby would remember this, due to the wives of the village heads being good with memorizing the Hundred Tales, Ibara tried to kill him, but a woman saved him. Smashing Moz to get back the medusa, Ibararll hears static from.the earring he stole from Kohaku. He follows the sound to the lab, which he learns is not a living animal. Inside is the radio, which Senku's voice comes out of to activate the medusa. Ibara tosses it fear. However nothing happens. Senku concludes that one must up close to the medusa to activate it verbally. Greeting Ibara, Senku is questioned on how he is alive.

Chapter Notes

  • Gen, Ryusui, and Chrome are making gestures from janken/rock, paper, scissors.
  • Had Senku not found a way to avoid petrification, not only would Ibara's short-sightedness have eventually caused him to die from his foolishness wiping out anyone to hunt for food, but the Kingdom of Science would also backside back into the stone age without Senku's knowledge.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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