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Devil's Choice ( (あく) () (せん) (たく) Akuma no Sentaku) is the 129th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


With Hyoga awake, tensions between both sides are of equal shock, the Kingdom of Science because Senku released him and Ibara's forces who are shocked to learn of a statue being revived.

Seeing this, Ibara recalls Hyoga being a statue before he spots Ryusui and recalls him being a statue too. He flees the scene while Magma tries to pursue him but Moz knocks him back easily. Hyoga is impressed by the display, deducing Moz is the reason Senku revived him. Hyoga states he holds all the cards, as whoever he sides with will be better benefited by him.

As he escapes, Ibara realizes his enemies have a way to revive statues and realizes his crimes would be exposed if they revive the Head of Petrification Kingdom. However, Ibara's fears were unfounded because the Head's statue was so eroded that he couldn't be revived.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • The people of Treasure Island witness depetrification for the first time.
    • Seeing his enemies have a means to revive the statues, the minister panics.
  • Yuzuriha has put Head of Petrification Kingdom back together.

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