Miracle in Hand (奇跡はこの掌で Kiseki wa Kono Tenohira de) is the 116th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


With the platinum acquired, Senku constructs a device to produce nitric acid, securing the ability to produce the depetrification formula.

Elsewhere, Minister Ibara discovers the broken bottle, making the connection that there must be an intruder in the village.

Senku and the Science Team set out to revive Kaseki, but are unable to reach him before his petrified body is thrown overboard the Perseus. In order to ensure they can find the stone shards underwater, they switch their target to Ryusui, but his body taken by Ibara and Oarashi to weed out the intruder.

In order to obtain Ryusui's body, Senku has Kohaku publicly break the statue into multiple pieces and transport them back to him via the Motor-powered Car.

With Ryusui's body re-assembled, Senku revives him, the two setting their next goal towards reviving Kaseki.

Chapter Notes

  • Nitric acid acquired!! Senku creates nitric acid via a complex "Rube Golderg"-esque device that uses ammonia and platinum. This is known as the Ostwald process.[1]
  • Ryusui is revived again from Petrification, making him the first known person to be fully revived twice.

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