Science Wars (SCIENCE (サイエンス) WARS (ウォーズ) Saiensu Wōzu) is the 111th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


Amaryllis, Kohaku, and Ginro infiltrate Minister Ibara's harem selection with the goal of being chosen. Amaryllis passes easily, but Kohaku struggles, almost revealing her strength before being stopped by Mozu.

Senku reveals a wireless earpiece made for Kohaku, disguised as an earring.

Back at the selection, Ginro passes easily as well. Kohaku catches the earpiece thrown by Soyuz and confirms its usability.

With the infiltration successful and communication established, Senku reveals their next goal: steal Kirisame's Petrification device using a drone.

Chapter Notes

  • Wireless earpiece acquired!! Senku creates a wireless earpiece using copper wire, rock, and Rochelle salt.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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