Beautiful Science (美しい科学 Utsukushī Kagaku) is the 110th chapter of the Dr. Stone manga.


With the Mobile Lab rescued from the Perseus, Senku and the others take refuge in a nearby cave. Meanwhile, Minister Ibara notices the tracks left behind, and demands a search of the island.

Senku begins work on Kohaku's beautification, creating shampoo and conditioner to clean her hair, and foundation, lipstick, and perfume to enhance her appearance. Amaryllis assists Kohaku in their application after failing herself.

With the beautification complete, the team attempts to find a third candidate to infiltrate the harem selection, eventually deciding on Ginro. The infiltration team then sets out on their mission to steal the Petrification device.

Chapter Notes

  • Shampoo acquired!! Senku creates shampoo using coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and salt.
  • Conditioner acquired!! Senku creates conditioner using honey, lemon, and coconut.
  • Glitter foundation acquired!! Senku creates glitter foundation using phlogopite and sericite (Mica).
  • Perfume acquired!! Senku creates perfume using lemons and jasmine.
  • Lipstick acquired!! Senku creates lipstick using vanillin, scale insects and coconuts.
  • The cover page features Kohaku in the style of Boichi's other manga.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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