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The Cave of Miracles was a cave where the nitric acid used to make the Revival Fluid was produced from the guano of bats.[1]

General Information[]

The Cave of Miracles is a very shallow cave that appears only a few meters deep that has nitric acid "miraculously" dripping from the ceiling in only a single place. Normally this nitric acid would be created on the floor of the cave (as that is where the guano is) and then seep immediately into the earth. This difference allowed Senku to collect the acid easily with a pot. It is located near Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, the location of the Tsukasa Empire.

A colony of bats lives happily in the cave despite constant interruption from shiny monkeys.


Senku's petrified statue was carried to the mouth of the cave by floodwaters. The nitric acid along with the energy converted by him thinking, liberated him from his 3700-year-long stone prison.[2] When he realized the connection between the cave's acid and the depetrification, Senku dragged Taiju into the cave[3] and began collecting acid and conducting tests with it, eventually creating the Revival Fluid.[4]

After their fallout with Tsukasa, Senku was forced to give up the cave and the formula in exchange for Yuzuriha's life.[5]

The cave was then under control of Tsukasa and his new empire for several months, while he built himself an army out of who he believed were pure-hearted.[6]

During the Stone Wars, the cave was destroyed by Homura under orders from Hyoga and the Kingdom of Science was forced to locate a new source of nitric acid for creating Revival Fluid.[7]


  • A cave like this would be impossible to find in real life as the nitric acid produced from bat guano found in caves is found on the floor where the guano collects and then rots.


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