The Cave of Miracles is a cave where the nitric acid used to make the Revival Fluid was produced from the guano of bats.[1]


Senku Ishigami's petrified statue drifted into the cave. The fluids dripping from the cave, liberated him from his 3700 year stone prison. Senku then conducted tests and was successful in creating the Stone Formula. Senku then freed his best friend Taiju Oki.

Some months later, the pair released Tsukasa Shishio who had a new agenda for the reborn world. With him threatening his friends, Senku gave up the cave and the formula.

The cave was under control of Tsukasa and his new Empire that consisted of a hundred people.

During the Stone Wars, the cave was destroyed by Hyoga and the Kingdom of Science was forced to locate a new source of revival fluid.


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