Humans descended from the six astronauts not on Earth during the petrification. Despite what would be considered too small a gene pool (1 Japanese, 2 Americans, and 3 Russians) in real life, over 3,700 years, humanity was slowly restored. However, due the fact they could not be properly educated (not to mention the astronauts couldn't land on the mainland of Japan), these humans were not able to maintain the modern buildings, food or medication; additionally, they are illiterate. Due to their lack of modern knowledge, science and slight of hand were misidentified as sorcery.

While never noted in-series, all post-petrification humans speak Japanese. None of the post-petrification humans (who are from Japan) have had trouble talking with them, meaning that it was the only language in the world, until Whyman used Morse code and the American colony de-petrified.

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