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Carlos Barrios (カルロス・バリオス Karurosu Bariosu) is a modern time human who was formerly aligned with the American Colony and current member of the Kingdom of Science. He works as a driver for Luna and the KoS on occasions.


Carlos is a muscular young adult with curly black hair which he covers with a white bandana. He wears a white unbuttoned shirt and has earrings on both sides.


Carlos seems to be of energetic, gleeful character. He seeks Luna's attention and praises her often.

Carlos is shown to have great persistence keeping himself awake for thousands of years in order to serve Luna.

He appears to have morals, as he and Max were startled by Stanley's intent on killing the enemies' science leader.


In the old world, Carlos worked as a driver for Luna's rich dad, however mostly drove her around alongside the bodyguard assigned to her, Max.[9]

Luna, Max and Carlos were the event staff for the DARPA expo, possibly working under Lunas father. Carlos was going to give Luna a platinum ring. However he was not able to give it to her because he was petrified along with the rest of humanity for over thousands of years. Carlos retained consciousness by refusing to let Luna die single and persisted for over thousands of years. [10]

After his revival, Carlos spat out the ring and became an employee of Dr. Xeno. Xeno used the platinum of the ring he saved to help build his army. [11]

New America City Arc[]

Carlos and Max accompanied Luna and Stanley through the forest. Carlos and Max tried to impress Luna with a display of strength by carrying the supplies, with her shrugging off their advances before Stanley tells her that she has to preserve her strength because she has a role to play. After gathering a good vantage point, he catches a glimpse of the Perseus and remarked that the science leader is nothing to Xeno. Carlos is nervous when Stanley insists on killing the leader. Moving the questions further, she asks why he needs her. Stanley explains that he will send Luna to spy on the Kingdom of Science to draw out the science user for him to snipe him. Carlos is scared by Stanley's preparation for a sniper attack.[12]

Carlos stayed at the vantage point with Stanley and Max. Carlos was worried about how Luna was going to integrate with the crew of the Perseus. Carlos was notably disturbed by Stanley’s eagerness to assassinate the science user of the Perseus[13]. when Luna tries to mouth the name Senku back to Stan, Carlos picks up on this with binoculars[14].

After Stanley 'assassinates' Senku, he leaves her behind, and leaves it to Carlos and Max to rescue her[15]. Carlos and Max fight over who will follow the car dispatched by the KoS, however the car, with Taiju at the wheel, comes to them. Carlos then goes with him; however, the language barrier prevents the two from talking much. Carlos notices how horrible Taiju is at driving and takes the wheel, showing off his expertise in driving. Once they arrive to Chrome and the rest, Carlos is tied up and gagged. Carlos gets shocked when he hears the work tunnel, and is even more shocked when he sees the KoS actually drilling a tunnel out[16]. The KoS receive a message from Luna, who tells them Senku is her boyfriend. Upon hearing this, Carlos agrees to help and draws them a map of the American base[17].

Once the battle at the boat had ended, Carlos is seen giving directions to the KoS of how to leave the area. Luna, Max and the rest show up, and after a failed attempt to greet Luna does a handshake with Max instead. As the KoS escape, Carlos is shocked by Ryusui's sailing abilities. Carlos escapes with the KoS and officially joins their side[18][19].

South America Arc[]

Carlos helps the KoS chop down trees for wood. Carlos is there to meet Chelsea Childe, and facepalms himself when he hears she went south instead of north[20]. When Senku says the motorcycles will run on wood, Carlos, being a driver, is shocked that wood is their fuel instead of oil[21]. When escaping from Stanley, Carlos is one of the lead drivers. Ryusui notices how skilled Carlos is at driving and asks for his help creating a smoke screen to protect themselves. When Senku mentions they put sugar into the planes engine, Carlos recalls that many cars were damaged from sugar pranks, showing his knowledge of cars due to being a driver. Carlos watches as the plane narrowly crashes next to them[22]

When sitting around a campfire, Carlos and Max are shocked at Ryusui knowing about the Rodex HQ location[23]. Carlos and Max are later proud of Luna for being so skinny- BUT WAIT NOT WITH THOSE PROPORTIONS! They both cry tears of pride when Luna says she and Senku are dating like cool, capable adults, and sigh in relief when Chelsea points out she's just a tool. Carlos would ride with Max and Xeno when evening out the weights of the bikes[24]. Carlos and Max ride the sky lifts with Suika, and react too late when a gust of strong wind pushes her off[25]. Carlos would later need to splash Army Ant scent on himself much like the rest of the KoS, and are worried when Luna faints from the idea of that. Carlos travels all around the Amazon, and is present when they find the giant pile of medusas[26].

Carlos likely helps construct the stealth ship and the base in Araxa, though he is unseen doing so. When the KoS need to mine diamonds, Carlos drives Tsukasa to the mining field[27]. Later when Luna is sent away in order to revive the KoS later, Max tries to bring her back but is stopped by Carlos, who realizes the real reason for sending Luna away[28]. Carlos is not seen again after this, and is eventually petrified again alongside the rest of the world[29].

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Carlos' statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Carlos with her other collected allies.[30]

After the revival of everyone else, Senku revives Carlos, along with Max, Chrome, and Kaseki. Max watched as Tsukasa and Hyoga later hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone. That night, he and Max watched Luna attempt to flirt with Senku at the celebration. [31]

When Xeno is revived, he and Max agree that he might betray them but Chrome disagrees with them.[32]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
New America City Arc
139. First Dream Absent
140. New World Plots Absent
141. First Team Absent
142. World Power Absent
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Absent
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Absent
145. Bar Francois Absent
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Absent
147. Science Journey Absent
148. Pioneers of Earth Absent
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Absent
153. Science Wars Absent
154. Spy vs. Spy Debut
155. Science Is Elegant Appears
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Flashback
158. Who's the Scientist? Appears
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Appears
161. Craft Wars Absent
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Appears
163. Multifront Final Battle Appears
164. Re-Lock On Absent
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Absent
166. Ultimate Knight Absent
167. Different Strokes Absent
168. Corn City: Population One Million Appears
169. RISK or HEART Absent
South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Absent
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Absent
173. Earth Race Appears
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Appears
175. Ultra Race Across South America Appears
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Appears
177. Medusa Mechanism Appears
178. Science Scales Mountains Appears
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Pictured
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Pictured
181. New World Science Absent
182. Diamond Heart Absent
183. Stone Sanctuary Absent
184. Fort Medusa Pictured
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Absent
186. To Each Their Own Blade Absent
187. Cyber Guerilla Absent
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Pictured
190. Science Transcends Life Absent
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Absent
192. Until We Meet Again Absent
193. Our Stone World Absent
New Stone World Arc
194. Homo Sapiens, All Alone Fantasy
195. Treasure Hunter, All Alone Absent
196. Scientist, All Alone Absent
197. A Stony Eden and Its Forbidden Fruit Pictured
198. Whole New World Appears
199. Superalloys Pictured
200. Future Engine Pictured
Globetrotting Arc
201. Morse Talk Pictured
202. Ryusui Corp. Absent
203. Missile Heart Absent
204. The Universe is Written in the Language of Mathematics Absent
205. Universe of Zeroes and Ones Absent
206. Dawn of the Computer Pictured
207. Linking the Circuit Diagram Pictured
208. Science Transcends Humanity Appears
209. The Rocket's Hard Truth Absent
210. Not One-Way Absent
211. World Tour for Resources Absent
212. Final Part: Stone to Space Absent
Moon Mission Arc
213. Unknown Known Absent
214. Stone World's Earth Defense Force Absent
215. Long, Long Road Absent
216. Hello, World Absent
217. Science Underdogs Absent
218. WWW (World Wide Workshop) Absent
219. Three Heroes Absent
220. A Desire for All Absent
221. Entrusting It All Absent
222. Science Road Absent
223. 0 Pictured
224. In Space Absent
225. Docking Absent
226. Giant Step Absent
227. It Was You Absent
228. Life Stone Absent
229. Why-Man Absent
230. Human Absent
231. A Future To Get Excited About Absent
232. Final Chapter: Dr. STONE Pictured


  • In one panel of Chapter 199, it shows Carlos looking on awkwardly as Max revives someone that looks a lot like him. The significance was never elaborated on but it might imply it was a relative.


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