Carbo is a villager from Ishigami Village.


Carbo is a handsome young man with spiky blonde hair and keeps a rope tied around his head and a piece of hair down to his fourhead.

He wore a long-sleeved, dark green much like a dress and a rope belt.


Carbo makes his first apperance worrying over the coming storm, wondering whether it was caused by a newly arrived "sorcerer", meaning Senku.[1]

He states that it's his first time seeing Magma get serious during the former's fight with Kinro.[2]

Carbo, along with the rest of the villagers thinks in unison that a man like Ginro cannot become the chief of the village after seeing him out his intentions. They celebrate Senku's victory but are quickly shocked by his next accidental win in the finals, as Chrome faints from his injuries.[3]


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