The Camphor Tree is where Taiju planned to confess his feelings to Yuzuriha, right before the world got petrified.[1] It is found in the courtyard of Hirosue High.


Taiju asked Yuzuriha to meet him under the school's camphor tree with the intent to confess to her after 5 years of pining for her.[2] Soon, Yuzuriha appears at the tree and asks what he wanted to talk about, teasing that it feels like a love confession and tracing a heart shape onto the bark of the camphor tree, which she quickly realises it might be and blushes from it.[3] The two then stand frozen in embarrassment under the young tree when the green petrification light appears on the horizon. Taiju tells Yuzuriha to hold onto the camphor tree as he stands in front and protects her from the light.

After awakening from petrification, Taiju finds her wrapped in vines at the now very old and majestic camphor tree. According to Taiju, the tree protected her from floating downstream and getting broken into pieces.[4] Taiju finishes his confession at the base of the tree to Yuzuriha's petrified statue before noticing Senku had carved "head down the river, big oaf" near Yuzuriha's head.[5]

They come back months later when they've finally finished the revival formula to revive Yuzuriha, but Taiju decides to pick up her statue and move her away so they can clothe her first.[6] Immediately after, they get chased away by a pack of lions.[7]


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