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Senku Ishigami[]

Byakuya and Senku

Byakuya and Young Senku

Byakuya was Senku's adoptive father and they shared a fairly good relationship, though his lightheartedness was often at odds with Senku's aloof and pragmatic demeanor even when Senku was still a child. Byakuya is often seen lamenting Senku's coldness or, early on, his unchildlike behaviour, he's nonetheless very loving and supportive of him and his pursue of science, so much so that he sells his car to buy proper science equipment for him.[1] He also manages to pass his second astronaut selection exams and claims Senku's attempt to help him with it was what inspired him to succeed.[2]

Byakuya later proves to be somewhat of a pushover when it comes to Senku's scientific pursues as he's quick to surrender his astronaut credit card when Senku flies over to America for it. He only really complains that Senku did not care to stay with him longer during the visit.[3]

Before the launch, Byakuya hijacks a recorded broadcast to promise Senku he'll bringing him back souvenirs from the moon since he's aware that Senku is watching it.

After humanity is turned to stone, Byakuya and the other five astronauts return to earth but become stranded in an island close to Japan and live the rest of their lives there. Despite the lack of evidence that it's a possibility at the time, Byakuya holds fast to the belief that humanity will be able to break out of the stone eventually, and that Senku is still alive.

Byakuya's faith in his son is further demonstrated when he leaves coded messages for Senku and also makes him the subject of the last story of the Hundred Tales, a series of tales that he created in order to help guide the astronauts' descendants in surviving in the new world, but also help Senku if he were to ever meet them. Byakuya also leaves behind a time capsule with his last message to Senku and a recording of Lillian singing[4][5] as well as an array of minerals safely stored in the remains of the Soyuz capsule[6], fulfilling his last promise of souvenirs to Senku.


Lillian Weinberg[]

The singing star and professor formed a fast friendship and bond aboard the ISS. There, they played a practical joke on Darya and Yakov, trying to convince them that Lillian was an insufferable diva, only for Byakuya to break character and give away their act. Byakuya was enamored by her talent and asked her if she would someday sing for Senku. Lillian happily agreed to his request. After the Petrification, Lillian and Byakuya bonded further during their time on the island together. Lillian, at some point, confided her despair that all of humanity's music would be lost as a result of the Petrification, with Byakuya comforting her and reassuring her that it wouldn't all be for naught.

He eventually thought to create a record that included a message to Senku along with a song performed by Lillian, Yakov and Shamil on vocals, guitar and drums, respectively. This was done by them as a gift to Senku and their descendants.

Eventually, as their friends died of pneumonia or were lost at sea, Lillian and Byakuya became the adoptive parents and caretakers of their friends' children. Sadly, Lillian would also succumb to the illness, leaving Byakuya heartbroken and the last of the Soyuz team.

While it is not confirmed, it is strongly implied through the resemblance of the villagers of Ishigami Village that Byakuya and Lillian eventually married, or were in a relationship and had children of their own.

Connie Lee[]

Byakuya was friends and colleagues with Connie during their time aboard the ISS and their time together after the Petrification event. He celebrated her and Shamil's wedding, having officiated the event himself. After her and Shamil's deaths, he and Lillian assumed the role of adoptive parents to their children.

Darya Nikitina[]

The two were colleagues on the ISS and got along well. Eventually, they returned to Earth together and founded Ishigami village. He became the custodian of her and Yakov's children when they were lost at sea in an attempt to find antibiotics on the mainland.

Yakov Nikitin[]

Like his wife, Yakov got along well with Byakuya, making friends with the eccentric Japanese professor. His children were left in Byakuya's care after he and Darya were lost at sea. Yakov was kind and very earnest in his desire to assist in Byakuya's endeavors.

Shamil Volkov[]

The Russian lone wolf did not initially get along well with Byakuya's mercurial personality, remaining stoic and practical to a fault. He attempted to dissuade Byakuya from attempting to return to Earth alone, going so far as to punch him in the stomach to prevent Byakuya's impulsiveness from potentially dooming them all. Shamil eventually softened during their time surviving on Earth, becoming friends despite his retention of his stoic personality. The two came to a final understanding upon Shamil's death from pneumonia, as Shamil confessed that despite the apocalyptic circumstances, that thanks to Byakuya, he had fun, fell in love, and even had children that he never dreamed of. Thanks to Byakuya, he died happy.

Dr. Xeno[]

Xeno was Byakuya's co-worker at NASA's american branch and Senku's mentor. They cross paths a few times back in the Pre-Petrification World.[3]


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