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During his life, Brody had become a skilled mechanic, being hired by the military for his skills. Brody would recieve a doctorate during his life for his work as he is addressed as Dr. Brody in his debut. Brody is able to build safes, factories and submarines from scratch.

Brody was invitied to the DARPA expo for his expertise. Brody playfully calls all the American soldiers 'superheroes', and wonders why so many skilful and talented individuals were all invited here, such as Maya Biggs, the reigning American Women's MMA champion now soldier, or Chelsea, the genius teen geographer.

Dr Brody before petrification

Brody at the DARPA expo

Brody listens in as Xeno explains they are under the threat or a possible terrorism attack or attack from a foreign country with an unknown weapon. Xeno shows the voltage coming off the bird, and upon explaining they are brain waves Brody is shocked. However, the talks are cut short as the worldwide petrification event reaches the US. Brody hears the order from Stanley to stay away, and would go on to do so for thousands of years [1].

On April 1st, 5738, Brody, alongside the rest of the Americans, are awoken thanks to natural nitric acid. Brody laughs at how many of the 'superheores' stayed awake the whole time. When Maya suggests the event staff, that being Carlos, Max and Luna, heard the order too and stayed awake, Brody doubts they could have done it due to being ordinary, and is surprised to see Carlos awaken immediately after Maya places him on the nitric acid. After Carlos spits out the platinum ring, Brody once again laughs at how it managed to stay preserved for so long.

Dr Brody making Weapons

Brody helping to make weapons

Brody and the rest of the Americans locate and optimal settlement point and begin to build the new colony. Brody helps construct the large factories and buildings with his mechanical experience. Over the years, Brody helps Xeno to construct the guns, planes and weapons the Americans use.[2]

New America City Arc[]

Brody making the Submarine

Dr Brody constructing the Submarine

When Xeno reveals the Petrification Weapon (having been sent by Ukyo), Gen describes its capabilities. Brody questions Gen on whether he is being truthful because he lied about the science user of his colony, as Gen lies that he didn't know it was Senku. He soon has Maya cover Gen's ears as he talks with Xeno over the project.[3]

Brody begins to dig

Brody digging to rescue Xeno and Chrome

When intruders capture Xeno and escape through a tunnel that collapses, Brody stops a soldier from rushing to corner them by prioritizing saving them from death of suffocation.[4]

Dr. Brody is later contacted by Senku Ishigami for a truce. At first, Brody is uninterested until Senku offers him something he would like. To Brody's great shock, Senku reveals the ingredients for the revival formula and his plans to free over a million people.[5]

Brody soon spoke with Minami Hokutozai who served as Senku's negotiator. At first, he tried to establish rules but Nikki Hanada stepped in and intimidated him to easing off. Nikki told him that their goals align and that if he wants to save humanity, then they're a team. Amused by the girl's ferocity, Brody agrees to ally with them and establish corn city but notes on Stanley's desire to hunt them should he learn of Xeno's capture.[6]

South America Arc[]

Much later Brody is told by the Kingdom of science that they need to acquire the petrification weapon and do a proper analysis on it in order for her to get a functioning again to serve as a substitute medical item until the doctors revive. Brody permits days by us internally suspicious if they’re real reasons having one of his guards monitor them. To properly conduct an analysis the group revive Joel who shares several cocky comments to Brody.[7] After Joel reactivated the medusa and petrified himself, Brody mentions it isnt lighting up anymore like before, and that what Joel did wasn't helpful, to which Joel would snap back pridefully.[8]

When Francois and Suika were captured, Francois sent a message back to Corn City mentioning how they split into two teams. Brody was the first to hear this message come in however, and was suspicious at why they would send such a pointless message, thinking it could have been a code. Brody takes caution and prevented the KOS from hearing this message, however they would still receive messages through Joel's watch.

Brody take the medusa from Joel

Brody taking the medusa away

Brody witnessed Joel finish perfecting the medusa, and after Joel finished testing it inside a glass of alcohol, Brody grabbed the medusa and the glass, shattering the cup, realising Joel had tested it inside a class to prevent the Americans from taking it away. Brody goes on to destroy the main communications at Corn City with one kick, preventing any more transmissions or codes coming in for the KOS, not yet knowing Joel's watch received these said transmissions. Brody places the medusa in a fairly large safe, presumably made by him, and had the soldiers raise their guns at the KOS to keep them in check. Senku sends his message to activate the world wide medusa to Corn City. Upon hearing a transmission from Senku came in, Brody ordered the soldiers to not let the KOS hear it, however they would still receive the message through Joel's watch and charged at the soldiers, to their surprise.[9]

Dr Brody shuts the safe on Joel's arm

Brody slamming the safe on Joels arm

Brody was confused as to why they would suddenly charge for no reason, knowing they would get killed. It is then he realised Senkus message just now was an order in Japanese to charge, to which Brody began to fear for the worst. Brody orders the soldiers to not let the KOS get anywhere near the medusa, and they would begin to open fire on the charging mob. Brody orders one of the soldiers to take the safe out of there just in case they got close, however Moz picks up on this order and charge ahead, taking out many soldiers on the way, and then attacks Brody. Brody would lose the keys to the safe and as they launched into the air and the two sides reached out to them, Homura jumped up and grabbed them. Brody reluctantly shoots Homura's arm. The keys would swing from person to person until the safe is eventually opened by Magma.

Dr Brody cries

Brody cries

Once Magma is shot, Brody, who at this point is shaking, puts his arm out signaling the soldiers to stop. Brody looks upon the aftermath of the battle, and all the bodies of the KOS. Brody begins to cry over not just the aliance being broken but having to use violence and kill, something he, much like Ukyo, wanted to avoid at all costs. As Brody reaches towards the medusa in the safe, Joel jumps from the crowd of bodies and grabs the medusa. In a panic, Brody slams the door shut on Joels arm, crushing it. Brody questions Joel on why he betrayed them, and Joel explains that it's because they disrupted his victory toast. Brody states its a little late for cheeky comments like that. Brody remarks on how Joel created his watch the day he arrived and that as another technician he gets it, but stops mid sentence as he hears a sound some from his watch. Brody begins to piece the dots together, and realises that Joels watch recieves radio transmissions. He orders the solders to secure the watch, however it is too late, as Joels watch receives the daily radio transmission from Why-man with the same order '12,800,000 meters, one second.' The medusa is activated and Corn City is engulfed in the petrification beam, petrifying Brody and the rest.[10]

Globetrotting Arc[]

8 years later, Taiju's group arrive at Corn City to revive all those there. Upon Brody's awakening, Ukyo and Luna explains the situation and new alliance, and hands them a note from Xeno to confirm this. He and Nikki stand together, unified once again like before. Brody alongside the others are also shocked to hear Senku's plan of making a computer, and even more shocked it requires them to make 200,000 donuts. Howver, he and his fellow Americans are up to the task, and willing to copoerate with the Kingdom of Science, raising their fists in unification.[11]

Brody later sees Xeno's plans to create a fax machine, and for a mechanic looks quite nervous, which is surpising considering hes likely made much more complicated machines. Upon the fax machines completetion, Brody is present in the first photo taken and sent over a long distance.[12] Brody uses his mechanical knowledge and skills to help mass produce the donuts required.[13]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Upon the TV's completetion, and the very first broadcast is sent out, Brody comments on how no one will betray their society now that they have television, all while laughing about it all.[14] He is later present for the first global online meeting upon the completetion of the internet.[15]


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