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Boichi is the main artist for the Dr. Stone manga.


Intended to be a manga artist from his childhood days, majored in physics in college as preparation to draw science fiction works, and also to learn the technology of performance and imaging, went on to graduate school to major in image technology.

In 1993, while still enrolled, debuted in a Korean shoujo manhwa magazine. Since then, he gained popularity releasing a number of works and publishing books on how to draw manhwa targeting a wide range of reader.

In 2004 he stepped into the world of Japanese manga. His “Ultimate Space Emperor Caesar”, serialized in Monthly “Comic Gum”, was his first tankōbon in Japan.

In 2005, 9 out of Boichi’s 11 hentai one-shot serialised in Comic Aun were reunited under the volume titled “Lover in Winter”.

In 2006, he released two science fiction one-shot, “Hotel” and “Present” which, in 2008, were compiled in a volume titled Hotel along the other one-shots “It was all for the tuna”, “Stephanos” and “Diadem”.

2006 is the year of Boichi’s first serialized manga: “Sun Ken Rock” in the bi-weekly magazine Young King. This manga will also have a side-story based on Yumin in 2011 and one based on Pickaxe in 2012. 2012 will also see the serialisation of “I want to feed Yumin”, another spin-off of Sun Ken Rock based on Yumin and serialised in “Monthly Young King”.

Boichi also worked on a 5 volume long manga titled Raqiya and written by Masao Yajima where he was in charge of the art and published in 2009. He also only did the art of the Brutality one-shot by Takeda Yuusuke in 2007.

In later 2011, he started the serialization of another manga titled “H.E the hunt for energy” in a new monthly magazine: Jump X. In this year, he won the Gran Guinigi prize for “It was all for the Tuna”.

To express his sentiment towards Vietnam and apologize for Korea’s action during the war, Sun Ken Rock volume 2′s royalties were donated to the humanitarian organization “Child of Viet Nam”. He asked Korean manga artists to contribute towards drawing a support page for Japan in regards to 2011′s big earthquake, and giving the royalties from the proceeding to the Red Cross. He also donated the money he planned to use to buy a new car towards helping tsunami victims.

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  • Boichi's favorite character to draw is Kohaku.[1]
    • Or at least she was, until Luna was introduced.
  • It is a running joke in the fandom that he hates drawing the male characters, originating from the time he threatened to mix his boogers in the ink if he has to draw them instead of female ones in an interview[2].
    • In one of his YouTube videos, he seems very distraught that the fanbase took this for granted and would like them to be aware that it was only a joke and he does, in fact, like drawing the male characters too.

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