• Matusz27

    Fate of the village

    October 2, 2019 by Matusz27

    What will happen to them, cuz I have bad feelings about it I am a bit weary what will happen to 130~ people that were left on the mainland as there is no one left that is from the old world that is in any way scientifically literate. Most likely they won't starve, but the technology may start to deteriorate, or even a civil war can be an occurrence. They, after all, were left almost leaderless, at least the Might empire was. Also, the voyage may take around a year or even few, it is passage trough entire pacific ocean and not in a straight line. They going not to Murcia, but to South America so they have to go Eastsouth.

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  • Shadowneko

    first off let's start with Senku's:

    1. military weapon- probably the most credible. Also labs out in the jungle are a fun trope seen in anything. We also have some of the villagers on treasure island who posses the weapon
    2. virus- this probably wouldn't have been as fast and is somehwat discounted by what's happening on treasure island
    3. aliens- could be and that they left their stuff behind...then again they could have left stuff behind
    My addition:
    Lost technonlogy- South and central America are known for have quite a few lost civilizations. What if the whole thing was set off by accident by tripping the wrong thing in some old lost temple? Any humans who were left could have easily just adapted what was there for our current arc.

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  • GreatlyGallivant


    February 28, 2019 by GreatlyGallivant

    I don't know what this actually is but hello to my blog where I will 100% never post anything.

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  • Blitzboy01

    What's your comment on the latest chapter?

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