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Balbazzak Balbazzak 10 September 2021

First petrification event time

As per chapter 171, we have the following information:

- Dr. Xeno was in Pinnacles National Park

- Senku was in view of Tokyo Skytree

- Dr. Xeno was petrified at 08:25:00 P.M.

- Senku was petrified at 12:40:20 P.M.

According to their calculation, the beam:

- Originated at coordinates 3° 7'S, 60° 1'W

- Traveled at 32,000km/h

Calculating the activation time of the Medusas using both their location is difficult as we have no accurate data. Testing various potential GPS coordinates for both characters give us end results that, at most, only vary by one or two seconds. As such, for the sake of demonstration, we will pick valid locations in or around the mentioned areas that give us matching data.

Distance between Dr. Xeno and the pile's GPS coordi…

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Fullmetalchemist3 Fullmetalchemist3 2 August 2021

I don't know

Senku has two best friends who are Taiju and Yuzuriha. Senku and Taiju have been friends ever since their childhood year, then Yuzuriha came. Those three remind me of Winry, Ed, and Al (FMA) who are childhood friends and have been friends ever since they were young.

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WildMizz WildMizz 27 March 2021


This is a reference sheet for when to update which pages because I keep forgetting every week, listed by what the new item is.

(I recommend making the new page(s) first, otherwise the links sometimes stay red until updated again.)

  • Chapters and Volumes
  • Story Arcs
  • Template:Latest Chapter
  • Template:Chapters and Volumes Navibox
  • Template:Arcs Navbox
  • Template:Appearance - update the arc template first, then update all the relevant appearances.
  • Template:Official Release - update with the time listed on the last page of the last chapter.
  • Events/Real-Life Timeline - this is slightly less important and can just be updated when the volume gets updated.

  • Recategorise the relevant chapters and update the volume part of their infobox.
  • Chapters and Volumes
  • Template:Ch…

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Firelyon55 Firelyon55 6 March 2021

This is what I have to say

I love this show & I always blast the first through third openings & endings around the house!!!

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Vishalraj247 Vishalraj247 20 February 2021

Dr. Stone & Jujutsu Kaisen

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SomeFlyersFan SomeFlyersFan 8 February 2021


Alright so, I want you to hear me out on this one. When the light petrified humanity, what do you think happened to dead people? People who had recently kicked the bucket and the like. People are dying and being born constantly. Do you think there are people who had a heart attack or something and died, right as the light hit them? What if they died mid-petrification? Would the petrification finish? If this is the case, it's known that people can be saved a little bit after death (defibrillators and all that) so then, do you think the petrification would save a life? While this is highly improbable, is it possible that someone could've survived because of defibrillators AFTER the petrification? Maybe the stone doctor drops them or somethi…

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WildMizz WildMizz 7 November 2020

Stoned Birds

As we know from the first chapters of the manga, petrified swallows were appearing all over the world. The only facts that were brought up were that the statues looked lifelike and several chemical/physical properties about the stone itself. Despite the wide distribution of swallows around the world, we can safely assume there were no mentions of anyone seeing any light appearing before the birds got struck, so what happened?

  • Prior to the petrification event, many of the swallow bodies found were posed mid-flight and intact, or ready to fly. We know that a delayed activation after throwing is possible, but swallows are much faster than people (45-65km/h) and are at least faster than the medusa's light used against Senku on Treasure Island (…

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Macerator Macerator 30 October 2020

For the Badge!

For the Badge!

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WildMizz WildMizz 21 October 2020

Ishigami Villager Clothing

You’ll notice everyone in Ishigami village has either tan or blue-green coloured clothing. And, at least in European history, deep blues and purples were amongst the hardest colours to achieve, so they were usually reserved for the richest of society. So why is Ishigami village full of it?

Turns out, Japan has a history of indigo.

Between that and fermenting fruits or using vegetable skins for yellow, they should be able to reasonable achieve all of the colours we see in the manga/anime.

Facts about indigo:

  • Japan still has at least a few indigo farms left (and at least one of them is near Mt. Fuji).
  • You can dye leather with it (awesome, since I’m pretty sure everyones wearing animal skins rather than woven fabrics).
  • It doesn’t need a mordant, wh…
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A Stand Up Comedy A Stand Up Comedy 13 September 2020

Why man

I dunno why I'm posting this. I dunno Why Man.

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Haze4 Haze4 6 July 2020

Used Ingredients on show?

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JetstreamSammy JetstreamSammy 23 May 2020

Senku's inventions

1. Nital - Chapter 2

2. Sextant - Chapter 7

3. Gunpowder - start of Chapter 7 

4. Crossbow - Chapter 6

5. Pulley - Chapter 16

6. Makeshift trolley - Chapter 17

7. Smelting furnace - Chapter 21 (unsure)

8. Ramen

9. Magnets

10. Electricity generator

11. Lens - the last four need referencing

The article has already been made, so the project is scratched.

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JetstreamSammy JetstreamSammy 22 May 2020

Pictures that require raw conversion


Einstein Senkuu.png

Getting oil.png

Senku offers to save Mirai.png

Protect the song.png



Meeting whyman.png

Celebration of victory.png

Making the first camera.png

Making radar.png

Making a ship.png

Senkus Weakness.png

Senkuu overpowers Homura.png

Senku tank.png

Senku tank.png

Senku figures Tsukasas terms.png

Senku emotional over tsukasa.png

Senku declaration.png

Senku and Byakuya.png

Senku with Chrome and Kohaku.jpg

Senku's knowledge.png

Senku wins the village competition.png

Senku talks byakuya.png

Senku Ishigami.png

Senku happy over his progress.png

Senku completes the generator.png

Senku arrives to the village.png

Radio waves.png

Senku and Kouhaku.jpg



Hydrogen sulfide.png


Chief of village.png …

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JetstreamSammy JetstreamSammy 21 May 2020

Completed chapter plot

Text-related stuff: Chapter 1 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 2 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 3 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 4 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 5 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 6 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 7 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 8 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships and character information)

Chapter 9 - Complete (Synopsis, references, relationships…

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Steven.k.haughian Steven.k.haughian 2 May 2020


I can't wait for this to return

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CyberRaptorX5074 CyberRaptorX5074 25 March 2020

If the Whyman were Aliens....

This is a little blog where i gather speculation about the appearence of the Whyman. From what i have seen, the Whyman are either Aliens or a pre-cursor civilization, which sounds kinda unrealistic if you ask me. If the Whyman were from our Solar System, how would they look like

-Their Appearence must make evolutionary sense to whatever World they are from. If any other Planet or Moon was habitable somehow, what would be the physiology of the Whyman. They can be Humanoid, sure, but adapted to another Planet

Here are candidates to speculate on:

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Luna (One of the best candidates, thanks to the Signal from Chapter 139)
  4. Mars
  5. Ceres (A Planetoid from the Asteroid Belt)
  6. Jupiter's Moons (Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, etc.)
  7. Saturn's Moons (most n…
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Damage3245 Damage3245 16 March 2020

To-Do List

  • Delete remaining unused and poor quality images.
  • Replace useful images with higher quality / textless versions.
  • Add references to all pages, starting with smaller pages.
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CyberRaptorX5074 CyberRaptorX5074 22 December 2019

Science and Fantastical Creatures


a kinda-Isekai Anime that became my Number 1 favorite the Moment i watched Episode 1 (even above Monster-collector Anime, Sonic X and Mecha-stuff). One of the things i love about Dr.Stone is how....REAL all of it feels. Most of the science is true (a little error in Gunpowder-department), the characters act pretty realisticly and most importantly EVERYTHING HAS A EXPLANATION

Although it not truly being Isekai, that gave me a thought. How would someone like Senku explain mythical creatures, like Elves, Orcs, Undead, all that. Which types of beings would be the most found of science over magic....and how would Magic look if it was made by science

What do you guys think,

If mythical creatures were real, which off them would go through s…

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Whiteknight810210 Whiteknight810210 12 December 2019

How this series helps introduces science

Just doing fandom work till I came across this interview article by Crunchyroll. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/12/09/interview-how-dr-stones-director-tricked-us-into-learning-science-with-anime.

Cause regarding articles of the inventions and discoveries in the series. Should there be a page structure that includes Wikipedia and other external references?

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Matusz27 Matusz27 2 October 2019

Fate of the village

What will happen to them, cuz I have bad feelings about it I am a bit weary what will happen to 130~ people that were left on the mainland as there is no one left that is from the old world that is in any way scientifically literate. Most likely they won't starve, but the technology may start to deteriorate, or even a civil war can be an occurrence. They, after all, were left almost leaderless, at least the Might empire was. Also, the voyage may take around a year or even few, it is passage trough entire pacific ocean and not in a straight line. They going not to Murcia, but to South America so they have to go Eastsouth.

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Shadowneko Shadowneko 15 August 2019

just a few petrification theroies

first off let's start with Senku's:

1. military weapon- probably the most credible. Also labs out in the jungle are a fun trope seen in anything. We also have some of the villagers on treasure island who posses the weapon
2. virus- this probably wouldn't have been as fast and is somehwat discounted by what's happening on treasure island
3. aliens- could be and that they left their stuff behind...then again they could have left stuff behind
My addition:
Lost technonlogy- South and central America are known for have quite a few lost civilizations. What if the whole thing was set off by accident by tripping the wrong thing in some old lost temple? Any humans who were left could have easily just adapted what was there for our current arc.

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GreatlyGallivant GreatlyGallivant 28 February 2019


I don't know what this actually is but hello to my blog where I will 100% never post anything.

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Blitzboy01 Blitzboy01 11 May 2018

Chapter 57 Discussion

What's your comment on the latest chapter?

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