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Argo (アルゴ Arugo) is one of the villagers of Ishigami Village.


Argo is a man with short, wildly spiked hair, a square jaw and sharp cheekbones. His eyebrows are usually angled downwards in a V-shape and his eyes are similarly slanted inward. He has pronounced lines under his eyes running from his inner eye to mid-cheek. His ears are slightly pointed, matching the angularity of the rest of him. He is slightly taller than Ginro, and is shown to have three parallel scars across his chest.

His outfit consists of no shirt and a pair of forest-green cut-off pants. The top flops out several inches over the rope belt he wears. When fighting Ginro, he is also wearing gloves. In the winter, he wears a fur-lined coat similar to the other villagers.


Argo's personality seems serious most of the time, but he's also easily stunned to distraction, as shown by how easily Ginro's tenacity during the Grand Bout surprised him.

Abilities and Skills[]

Argo's weapon of choice is a double-ended staff style weapon. During the Grand Bout, both ends are capped in a very rounded way, almost like boxing gloves, unlike the spears that are simply wrapped in a tube fashion. His combat ability is strong, with Kohaku ranking him between an "A" and an "S", and his fighting style is more about power than speed.[2] Had Ginro not taken Senku's power up ingredients, Argo probably would have won.[3]



Village Games Arc[]

Lining up for the bout

Argo lining up with his hair not coloured in.

Argo is first shown lining up along with the other combatants drawing sticks for who they will be going up against. He is wearing a robe of some sort that he takes off before fighting.[4]

Argo attacking

Argo attacking Ginro

Upon starting the fight against Ginro, he appears concerned or confused about Ginro's dangerous swaying. His sudden lunge forward catches Argo off-guard, forcing him to take a strong stab to the stomach.[5] He continues parrying Ginro's attacks but is visibly surprised at how much pressure Ginro is keeping on him and is forced onto his back foot. Argo then finds a break in the bombardment and starts pummelling Ginro back with twice as much force. Through sheer dumb willpower, Ginro is left standing. This astounds Argo, given he looks completely beaten up. Argo backs up, starting to ask Ginro how is still in the fight in his condition, but he backs up too much and Ginro simply ends the fight by pushing him over the edge of the islet.[6]

Communications Arc[]

Later, he's shown to have joined the small squad of onlookers watching Senku distract and delay Homura from chasing the cellphone delivery team. Argo is deeply shocked when he is identified by the enemy from her months of observation.[7]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
Kingdom of Science Arc
13. Part 1: Stone World: The Beginning Absent
14. Those Who Have Faith Absent
15. Two Kingdoms of the Stone World Absent
16. Kohaku Absent
17. Nasty Looks Pictured
18. Sorcery Showdown Absent
19. Two Million Years of Being Absent
20. Stone Road Absent
21. Dawn of Iron Absent
22. Survival Gourmet Absent
23. The Smooth Talker Absent
24. Lightning Speed!!! Absent
25. By These Hands, the Light of Science Absent
26. A Shadow Alliance Absent
27. A Certain Scientists Wish Absent
28. Clear World Absent
29. Senku's Lab Absent
30. Death Green Absent
31. Friends Have Each Other's Backs Absent
32. Brain & Heart Absent
33. Baaad Chemicals Absent
Village Games Arc
34. Sneaky Grand Bout Strategy Pictured
35. The Masked Warrior Absent
36. Kinro and Ginro Debut
37. Science-User Chrome Appears
38. Master of Flame Absent
39. And the Winner is... Absent
40. Two Million Years in the Making Absent
Communications Arc
51. Sweets for the Stone World Absent
52. Age of Energy Absent
53. Hard Knocks Crafting Club Absent
54. Flickering Blue Jewel Absent
55. Treasure Dungeon Push Start Absent
56. The Treasure Absent
57. Heat Heart Absent
58. Wave of Science Absent
59. Voices from Here to Infinity Absent
60. Angel's Song, Devil's Whisper Absent
61. Stone Wars Begin Absent
62. Double Chase Pictured
63. Information Warfare Absent
64. Hotline Absent
65. Call From the Dead Absent
66. Liars and Truth Tellers Absent
67. Full Mobilization Absent
68. Flame of Revolution Absent
69. Steam Gorilla Absent
70. Paper Shield Absent
71. Prison Break Absent
72. Experience Points Absent
73. Top-Secret Mission Absent
74. Fateful 20 Seconds Absent
75. 20-Second Countdown Absent
76. Final Battle Absent
77. The Power of Science Absent
78. That Which Destroys or Saves Absent
79. For This Very Moment Absent
80. Humanity's Strongest Tag Team Absent
81. Fingertip Absent
82. Epilogue of Stone Wars (End of Part 2) Absent


  • Argo is named after the 18th element on the periodic table, Argon.
  • Argo is the third most popular hunk amongst the villagers.[8]
  • His hair is frequently not colored in when he's shown from far away.[4][7]


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