Amaryllis is a member of the Petrification Kingdom, a tribe of people who live on Treasure Island. She later joins Senku in his quest to defeat the Minister Ibara and the Harem.


She is considered the most beautiful girl of the Treasure Island. She has long black hair.


She enjoys the attention she gets from boys and is surprised when Senku shows no interest in her beauty. She nonetheless respects his intelligence and decides to ally with him as they have similar goals. She appears to disapprove of the petrification her people had propogated, as she decided she would marry the Head in order to kill him to stop him from petrifying more people. She is very manipulative, managing to use her looks to her advantage to distract men or use them to her will (though its been shown her motives are altruistic). her real personality is somewhat more abrasive and short tempered. She shows strong care for her friends, being horrified when she witnessed them turned to stone for breaking a minor rule. In addition, she proves to be resourceful, managing to avoid petrification by cutting off the part of her that is petrified and swimming to safety.

Abilities and Skills


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