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The Age of Exploration Arc is the eighth arc of Dr. Stone as well as the first arc of the Source of the Petrification Saga.


Ominous Message

Why-man makes contact with the Kingdom of Science.

Senku's group proceed to test their motorboat, soon after the "crazy-strong" radio tower is turned on for the first time. They message that saturated the radio frequency the Kingdom was using consisted of one word being repeated over and over: "Why?".[1]

The mysterious call shocks the members on the boat, as Chrome demands they stop while Senku responds to the person via their radio by calling them out as the source of the petrification. The signal immediately stops, leaving the group to speculate on who or what the signal came from.

Returning to Japan, the group inform their allies of the news. Concerns are raised about the mysterious transmissions. Some are worried until Taiju says Senku can handle it. Kohaku joins in this faith by noting on how Senku, Ryusui, Ukyo, Gen, and Chrome are their wise Generals in this matter. Indeed, in the headquarters on Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, a meeting is held by the Generals on how this new entity: dubbed the Why-man by Ryusui Nanami. All members come up with a theory. The group chose to assume the Why-man is an enemy, as the worst that can happen is they over-prepare for someone who is in fact an ally.[2]

Story Impact


  • Taiju is finally told the love potion, Senku made was gasoline.
    • Ryusui remarks that they have arrived at the point where Senku left off in the old world.

Characters Introduced

Inventions/Items in Order of Acquisition

  • Wheat Field
  • Mirror
  • Camera


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  2. Dr. Stone Manga: Chapter 96

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