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The 100 Tales (百物語 Hyakumonogatari) are a collection of traditional stories told in Ishigami Village and the Petrification Kingdom, originating from the International Space Station crew. Traditionally, they are passed through the generations with the help of the village's priestesses (one of which is Ruri).


The 100 Tales were created by Byakuya Ishigami, the founder of Ishigami Village. Byakuya created the tales as a coded message for his son Senku Ishigami.

It was presumably passed down by him, throughout the village, in order to preserve some of the knowledge of the world before humans were petrified.

Known Stories[]

Tale Number Name of Tale Crucial Elements
1 "Momotaro and the Savage Beasts" Beware of wild animals, the story mentions several carnivorous animals to be avoided (lions, gorillas, bears, etc.)[1]
7 "Forbidden Fruit" Some food is dangerous to eat. Includes poisonous animals as well.[2]
14 "Speaker" About Speaker the bee, a bee who can repeat the voices of the dead by sticking its stinger on their gravestone. Reveals the glass record's location.[3]
50 "G1 Grand Prix" Brief filler tale by Byakuya. (Apparently not very funny).[4]
51 "Cool Must-Have Rocks!" Which rocks should be collected. Also mentions which ones are in the Soyuz capsule on Treasure Island.
77 "Revival Spells" Basic folk remedies.
# Unknown References comedy and the straight man.[5]
# "Make for Japan" Telling the descendants of ISS astronauts to journey to Japan.[6]
100 "Senku Ishigami" A message left by Byakuya for Senku himself.


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